Who pays your salary, Commissioner Aaronson?

Apparently, the concept of hardworking Americans and the responsibility of being an elected official who works for those Americans is something that Commissioner Aaronson has forgotten.  His contempt for Suzanne as his constituent is breathtaking.  Who pays your salary Commissioner?  The Tea Party members re-visited Burt on June 16 and this time Suzanne was accompanied by 50 other Patriots.  Burt declined to comment at that time.  As is the case with many bullies, he could not stand up to a crowd.

Please email or call Burt and let him know how you feel – I am!

and the response:

and the final response (scroll down one entry):


Burt Aaronson

Burt Aaronson:

301 North Olive Ave. Suite 1201
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 355-2205
(Toll Free outside the West Palm Beach calling area)


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