Tea Party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I attended the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tea Party on July 4 and it was awesome!  I have loaded many of the pics from the day to Lady Libertas on Flickr so please check them out and I am calling the series the Faces of America.  What a wonderful way to spend the Fourth with hundreds and hundreds of Americans exercising their Constitutional rights.  The energy was positive and focused!  I think I want my own bullhorn!

Join Us!

Join Us!

I also took my 12 year old son along and he is already talking about going to the next one!  The crowd was a fantastic mix of generations and ancestry – young, old, white, black, latino, asian – It was the melting pot that is the United States of America.

Active Young Ladies

Active Young Ladies

The fact that so many people came out on a hot hot day (heat index was over 100F) and a holiday to raise their voices was impressive and gave me hope that we have a chance to overcome the Culture of Apathy that threatens to overtake us.  The attendance of so many people who made this a family outing was outstanding as well.  As I told my son, these people are here to protect YOUR future.

Patriotic Family

Patriotic Family

The signs an t-shirts were great and anyone who reads this and has a asmall business going to make Patriotic Propaganda, please email me and I will advertise you on the blog happily!



Local representatives attended as well and actually, that is one thing that I am not getting about the Tea parties across the country – Where are our Representatives?????  Why aren’t there more of them out there and talking to the People???  Culture of Apathy indeed – who do they think puts them in office?  That will be a topic for another rant but I did have an opportunity to meet Brian Reilly from District 20 in Florida who did attend the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party and was meeting and talking to his constituents.  YAY Brian!  Brian will be running against Wasserman.  I will be posting some more information from Brian here on Lady Libertas (perhaps an interview?  🙂 ) in the future.

Brian Reilly - District 17 - Republican Candidate

Brian Reilly - District 20 - Republican Candidate

All in All – a successful day!  Hooray for the organizers – check the tea party page or Lady Libertas on Flickr for all the pics of the  Patriots who attended!  I can’t wait for the next one…

Smiling Patriots

Smiling Patriots

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11 Responses to Tea Party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  1. “Brian Reilly – District 17 – Republican Candidate”

    I believe he is actually running for District 20.


    • Antaia says:

      You are correct and I thought I had corrected that! Thank you and please check back – Brian has agreed to speak with me about his candidacy and I will be posting it here!

  2. thebrowardrepublican says:

    If you want, I try to keep this updated as much as possible:


  3. Brian Reilly says:

    Looking forward to discussing with you. Hope your summer is treating you well!

  4. wow says:

    Mmmm.. good ole’ tea parties.. doing absolutely nothing for our country.

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  8. lucille j. justin says:

    Please advise me of all upcoming events by email for tea party events……………..

    Thank You,

    Lucille J. Justin

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