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I meant to do a good post this evening.  I did.  really.  but you know how it is…One thing leads to another and I start blog surfing and looking at tea party pics and realize that POOF the evening is gone.  But it is always worth it.  The blogosphere is populated with so many shining stars and I am addicted to the articulations of We, the People.  So I settled this evening for a comfy surf position on the couch with Fox in the background and I read and read and read.

Congratulations to everyone who made the Tea Parties happen across our great nation this past weekend!  the pictures have been marvelous.  What a relief that the current economic situation has not been able to quell the American Spirit.  What a great message that is going out!

I am not going to let the whirling and swirling clouds of info settle in and get busy on it tomorrow.  Some of the outstanding topics knocking around in my head?

  • Florida receiving one of the lowest per capita amounts of the “stimulus” money – I am wondering how much egg will end up on Guv Crist’s face after he buddied up with Obama and has been spouting pro-stimulus rhetoric for month
  • The Guy from Boston (google it please 🙂 but be prepared for colorful language which is why I chose not to directly post it here)
  • Loved the comment from Governor Huckabee about the difference between a battle and a massacre is our 2nd Amendment right 🙂 – think about it!
  • Amazement that they are still going after Palin – Maureen Dowd in particular launched a nasty bit but then went on to say that this is the latest in a “GOP implosion” – I am grateful that I do not feel imploded – Maureen Dowd = a good reason to come and JOIN US!  personally, I think Maureen is just jealous that noone appreciates her in red Naughty Monkey high heels
  • RELIEF that soon some of the Michael Jackson drama can go back to Neverland Ranch and stay there – I have Jackson Fatigue (Make it STOPPPPPPPPPPP)
  • SHOCK that Los Angeles will have to print more funny money IOU’s to pay for the security and whatever other city resources will be need to host the MJ memorial service

Keep fighting the good fight – I want a bullhorn!  🙂

Ronald Reagan always said it right

Ronald Reagan always said it right

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