Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Cabinet?

(This post has been updated in my new post: Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Government?)

Define Czar:  “a person having great power”, “Title of the ruler of Russia. Taken from the word Caesar, which means emperor.”  To keep things interesting, Robert Gibbs refers to them as Special Masters.  I see.  WOW.

Here are some of the people that are making critical decisions and policies daily in the Obama Administration with NO ACCOUNTABILITY to the American People.

These people report directly to Obama but American Taxpayers pay their salaries and yet…we have no access to them, their “powers” are not defined, and they are not even accountable to Congress – only to the President.

Is this Obama’s government behind the government?  Makes you believe in conspiracies about shadow governments…or perhaps this is the Shadow Cabinet?

  1. Energy czar Carol Browner
  2. Urban czar Adolfo Carrion, Jr.
  3. Infotech czar Vivek Kundra
  4. Faith-based czar Joshua DuBois
  5. Health reform czar Nancy-Ann DeParle
  6. New TARP czar Herb Allison
  7. Stimulus accountability czar Earl Devaney
  8. Non-proliferation czar Gary Samore
  9. Terrorism czar  – John Brennan
  10. Regulatory czar Cass Sunstein
  11. Drug czar Gil Kerlikowske
  12. Guantanamo closure czar Daniel Fried.
  13. Tech Czars (these are in addition to the Infotech Czar) Aneesh Chopra, and Jeffrey Zients
  14. Border Czar – Alan Bersin
  15. Car Czar – Steve Rattner
  16. Car Czar II (recovery) – Ed Montgomery
  17. Intelligence Czar – Dennis Blair
  18. Weapons Czar – Ashton Carter
  19. AIDS Czar – Jeffrey Crowley
  20. Great Lakes Czar – Cameron Davis
  21. Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg
  22. Sudan Czar – J. Scott Gration
  23. Afghanistan Czar – Richard Holbrooke
  24. Science Czar – John Holdren
  25. Jobs Czar – Van Jones Green
  26. Mideast Peace Czar – George Mitchell
  27. Mideast Policy Czar – Dennis Ross
  28. Climate Czar – Todd Stern
  29. Economic Czar – Paul Volcker
  30. Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal
  31. Copyright Czar – not appointed yet
  32. Mortgage Czar – not appointed yet
  33. Autism Czar – not appointed yet

One thing that we can all agree that Obama is very good at – growing government and proliferation of bureaucracy.

Previous administrations have used Czars:

  • Reagan – 1 Czar (drug)
  • Clinton – 3 Czars (drug and health and AIDS)
  • Bush Senior – 1 Czar (drug)
  • George W Bush – 4 Czars (cybersecurity, drug, AIDS, Intelligence)

And in the Homeland of the Czars – Russia – Obama has exceeded the Romanov Dynasty.  From 1613 – 1917, the Romanovs had 18 Czars.

What’s next – the Proliferation of Czars Czar?

Wake Up, America – Our Goverment is out of control.


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3 Responses to Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Cabinet?

  1. bluesstringer says:

    Thank you for posting the current list Kimberly. There’s a lot of cyber-ink on the most controversial czars, like Van Jones, Cass Sunstein and Mark Lloyd, but the complete list is very hard to find in one place. I was researching a post I was putting together on another forum and had 26 tabs opened all at the same time, from which exactly zero could be used to reference the whole list. Just finished that post and went looking for a graphic to use as a kind of exclamation point at the end, and found your posting here, not because of searching on “list of czars” in Google or Live or Bing, but because I searched Google Images on simply “czars.” I found this because of the cartoon you used, not because of the text. Are the search engines making it hard to find info about President Hussein Hopechange’s shadow government? Strange to say the least, but thanks a bunch for posting the list.

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you! But I have updated my list so check my most recent post! That list is better and has alot of sources!

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