A Lady Libertas Salute to Our Friends in Rhode Island…

The story of the Rhode Island Tea Party supporters recently came to my attention and I reached out via email to Marina, the Outreach Team Leader for the RI Tea Party.

These good people and patriots have been banned from future Fourth of July parades – what have they done, you might ask?  Did they run over a bunch of libs with their float?  no.  What horrific action could have caused someone to be booted from a Fourth of July parade?  well…They had supporters in the crowd who were handing out copies of the Constitution.  and?????  you ask – what else?  well, that’s it.  Constitutions…of the United States of America…passed out to crowds of Americans…on July 4.  Could this be considered domestic terrorism under Obamanation?  possibly – the libs better notify Napolitano.  So raise your voices, America and remind them that this is our country and WE WANT IT BACK and send out some good energy to Rhode Island!

I offered support to Marina and asked if there was anything that I could do and I received back this response and I would like to post it:

Hi Kimberly!  Thank you so much for your note and show of support!  I am forwarding the letter that we sent out right after we were banned which has most of the details.  Anything you can do to get this word out will be so helpful!!  I appreciate you taking the time to contact me on this!!   If you have any other questions or if we can help YOU in any way please let me know…

take care… marina


As we informed you this week, the RI Tea Party float in the Bristol Fourth of July Parade was a HUGE success, with people in the crowd showing overwhelming support and enthusiasm for our cause. Although we expected a positive reception, the response of the parade watchers was beyond our wildest imaginations. We were proud to represent the freedom loving people of Rhode Island to celebrate our country’s Independence!

Today, we received news from the Bristol Parade Committee that the RI Tea Party is to NEVER apply to appear in the Bristol Parade again. We were told unequivocally that our group was “horrible”, “not to waste the stamp to send in an application in the future”, and that the Committee never wanted “those people” of the RI Tea Party to participate in the parade in the first place.

Why would the Bristol Parade Committee have such a negative response to our float when the crowd was so overwhelmingly positive? We are told it is because some members of the RI Tea Party passed out US Constitutions to the crowd. Apparently passing out the US Constitution on Independence Day is an egregious violation of parade rules. This is despite the fact that other floats passed out solicitations for their businesses, which is against the Parade guidelines, and these businesses have NOT been told that they are banned from participating in the future.

This clear discrimination by the Parade Committee was also evident as the RI Tea Party was rejected for sound on the float and was told the morning of the Parade by one of the parade committee inspectors that she “never heard of someone being rejected for sound” before and they were “probably afraid you would say something politically incorrect.”

We encourage you to contact the Bristol Parade Committee at 401 480-1608 (Jim Tavares) or by mail to the Bristol Fourth of July Committee, P.O. Box 561, Bristol, RI 02809, and let them know how you feel about their discriminatory behavior towards a group which represents Liberty, particularly in celebration of an event dedicated to our country’s freedom. Letters to the editor of the Bristol Phoenix can be written to Scott Pickering, at spickering@eastbaynewspapers.com . Letters to the editor of the Providence Journal can be sent to   letters@projo.com.

They will not squelch our voices! We have only just begun!

Yours in Liberty,

Marina Peterson

RI Tea Party

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RI Tea Party Patriots with their float

RI Tea Party Patriots with their float

Well – this crew looks nefarious indeed.  🙂  Keep up the good work, Rhode Island – WE SALUTE YOU!

You can find a link on the right under Teapartying that will take you to the Rhode Island Tea Party site.

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