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Here is some great info and great links to check out – Light them up!

Our President wants this done this week. We must contact our representative and senators daily for the rest of this week in opposition to what the President is attempting to ramrod through this week in Congress. Here is a useful contact info link to do so:

Just two days ago it was acknowledged that more time was needed in Congress to confront health care. The prior schedule was before the August recess.

Now the President has returned after his sight-seeing trip and has “put us all on notice” that he heard alot of “chatter” about health care in his absence and there will be no excuse for not getting this done. Translation: Approval numbers falling, it’s now or never.

Below are some links for easy reference, including a letter signed by Blue Dog Democrats against universal health care.

There is also a petition from that Bill Bennett has been promoting. To date, it bears over 300,000 signatures. Please sign this and send it to your contacts.
This is a link to a list of Blue Dog Democrats that have written a letter against govt. Health care. I am looking for a list of contact information with all their stuff in one place. I may have to create it myself. In the meantime, these folks will be under great pressure to cave on their positions and will be bribed just like the reps in the House were on Cap and Trade.

Here’s the Blue Dog Coalition. You can call 202.225.3121 (switchboard) and ask for the congressman you want! Please call the all more than once. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t from your state. No doubt they will take calls from around the country.

Here is a link to Senate Blue Dog Democrats with contact: Concise with senator’s contact info. This is a link to Democrat Senate plan with fines, etc.

Here is a link to an article quoting Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: No one would vote for ObamaCare if they read the bill

This is a link to the list of taxes Democrats propose to pay for health care.

SGP: Excellent Resource for HealthCare info Senate Dems’ Health Care – use this (PDF) RNC research

Cap/Tax and Health Care info: AmSol: , Heritage:

Please folks, make your calls, send your emails and forward this email to all your contacts. We must push this back this week.

CAP and TRADE – will be back on the front burner shortly.

An important article, lengthy, but invaluable.

CBO’s Latest Cap and Trade Analysis – Increase taxes of $872.8 billion for years 2010-2019

Cap/Tax and Health Care info: AmSol: , Heritage:

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