Update on our friends in Rhode Island!

I received an email from Marina with good news on a resolution about the Tea Party group being told that they could not return in future years – please check out the original post a bit further down.

Here is the update!  YAY – Power to the People!  🙂


This is an update on the Bristol 4th of July Parade/RI Tea Party debacle.

We have accepted the apology of David Burns and the Bristol Parade Committee, and have issued the following statement:

The RI Tea Party is pleased to read that the Bristol Parade Committee has reversed its position and rescinded its ‘ban for life’ that was expressed by Jim Tavares, chairman of the Float Committee, following his accusation that the RI Tea Party was passing out U.S. Constitutions from its float during the 4th of July Bristol Parade.

“The Parade Committee has released a press statement explaining that the RI Tea Party is “not banned from future parades,” said Marina Peterson, RI Tea Party Treasurer. “Their press statement goes on to say that “it has not been determined that materials were distributed from the Rhode Island Tea Party Float.”

Peterson added “While we would have preferred less ambiguity on their part, we accept their statement as an apology to everyone who participated in preparing for the RI Tea Party’s parade debut. We appreciate the Committee’s acknowledgement of what we have been saying all along; we play by the rules. After all, there certainly is plenty of video documentation of the parade which could be used to substantiate our position.”

The RI Tea Party looks forward to being invited back to participate in future Bristol 4th of July Parades to represent the freedom loving people of Rhode Island and the principles upon which our nation was founded. We fully expect to participate under precisely the same rules that apply to all parade participants.

We are getting some emails saying that we were too “nice”, settled too early, should have sued on a civil rights basis, should have exuded that extra pound of flesh… But why? We feel we took the high road. We have no vendetta against the town of Bristol. They made a huge mistake and are paying for it with negative publicity nationwide. Even on Wikipedia!!

We feel that our mission has been accomplished. They apologized, they rescinded the “ban”, and they admitted that we did play by the rules. Again, this is no vendetta against the town, we are merely standing up for what is right, which is a major part of the Tea Party doctrine – accountability.

We have already written and requested an application for next year’s parade and we are looking forward to participating in Bristol’s 225th parade in 2010.

Thank you to all of you who supported us on this issue! You have served as a foundation for the early resolve of this issue and have helped us to be seen, both locally and nationally, as a force to reckoned with.  This is a major victory!  Now… on to the elections!!


Colleen Conley, President

Marina Peterson, Treasurer

Mission Statement: We the People of the RI Tea Party endeavor to promote good government practices by advocating fiscal responsibility, accountability, and a return to the core principles set forth in our State and US Constitutions by our forefathers.

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