Full Text – 1018 Pages of the House Bill on Healthcare

Watching the news lately is a bit like a train wreck, I cannot look away.  My country – our America has been hijacked.  I am so proud and encouraged by meeting so many amazing Americans who are raising their voices to protest the Culture of Apathy that has drugged too many of us for too long.  But…we are in trouble.  I was taken aback by Obama’s demeanor at the time of Stimulus I and his thinly masked anger at anyone who dared to disobey him and request to…oh I don’t know…READ THE BILL?????  Obama’s promises of transparency have held as much water as Hitler claiming the Holocaust never happened.  And the lack of transparency will cause consequences that will reverberate throughout these United States for generations to come.  I have moments of horror.  Which is why we cannot stop.  WE CANNOT STOP FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY.

The healthcare bill – herein referred to as Obamacare – has so many disturbing facets that have been brought up and highlighted by the Media so I decided to read it for myself.  I am going to read this behemoth.  Because I have to know.  Because what they are attempting to do is affecting my life and my child’s life and my parents’ lives and I am horrified.

SO:  here it is:  http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/AAHCA-BillText-071409.pdf.

All 1018 pages of it.  ONE THOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN PAGES of how OUR government plans to be the middle man in our healthcare.  Read it.  I am going to.

Do not let them take our CHOICE away.  DO not let them take away our FREEDOM.  Information is power – BE POWERFUL.  Know the enemy.  I just never thought the enemy would be my own goverment.

I will update here as I make my way through it.

And from one of my fellow tweeters – It seems that not everyone has lost their mind in DC:

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2 Responses to Full Text – 1018 Pages of the House Bill on Healthcare

  1. Bearclayborn says:

    Just to echo my sentiments, if the particulars in this ludicrous healthcare bill are as I’ve read, then America is clearly at the brink of elimination from being the freest nation on the earth. What sets aside a great nation is its’ greatness, what sets aside a common nation is its’ commonness with other nations. When you have common people ruling over a nation of great people the results are social deterioration at the most rapid pace. America, you have a common individual as president; educated but common, suggestive but common, gainful but common, idealist but common, eager but common and smart but common. It takes a great person to lead a great people. What makes a person great is their ability to rise above all others and take the lead in sacrificing their lives on all fronts to ensure that all are given an opportunity to either pass or fail in their endeavors. A great person does not allow partisanship to dictate the direction of a great people; instead a great person leads great people from partisanship to create a great nation. A great person knows that we’re all different in ideas but is able to bring our ideas to a point of sharpness that cuts through our differences. That’s what a great leader does for their country, but a common person in leadership will do all the opposite of the above. A great nation deserves a great leader, and we don’t have an inkling of greatness in the present leadership in the White House today. Leadership means everything in governing a great nation and America has forgotten that simple principle and sought after celebrity status to lead this country’s future. I’m sorry America, but your time is assuredly almost up unless you learn from this current political blunder of so called leadership.

    This note is not intended to be mean spirited or partisan, but it is intended to disclose a sample of truth, which in all likelihood America can’t handle the truth.

    by: Rc Bearclayborn SAA
    please read my daily column at:

    • Antaia says:

      Bear – this is a wonderful point! American Exceptionalism is lacking in Obama – the kind of exceptionalism that was exemplified in most of our Presidents, even the ones I was not fond of. Obama does not have respect for this nation or the People – he simply wants to exert control. I have never seen a President who works so hard to divide this country or answer pundit opinions – his insecurity and egoism are common as well. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts and your visit and I look forward to checking out your site!

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