We are not buying what you are selling, Obama.

At heart, I am a bit mushy.  I can wax poetic about the American Spirit and We the People and all that good mushy stuff.  And I believe it.  To see evidence of it, just warms my mushy little heart to the core.  The blogosphere and grassroots Conservative movement has been working hard to get the word out about the dangers of this Administration.  Socialism is not the path that we want to go down.  Obama slammed that shovel-ready stimulus bill through but now we are on to him and his cohorts and it will not be so easy this time.

There are several items that I want to bullet point for every good American to think long and hard about as we teeter on the brink of sweeping changes (and not for the positive) in this country.

  • The Fed has been running healthcare in some sectors – I am sure you are familiar – Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and Indian Health Services – None of these are successful programs.  NONE.  They are corrupt, wasteful and provide subhuman care to sectors of our society that should get the most care such as our Seniors, our VETS, the poor and disabled and Native Americans.  These programs must be audited and FIXED before we should ever consider any further encroachment on healthcare by the government.
  • The current proposed Healthcare Reform Bill is hovering around 1018 pages.  Do we truly need further bureaucracy in our lives?  Medicare regulations total 130,000 pages – we will probably count into the trillions of pages if this passes.  Think of the trees but more importantly – NOONE IS READING THIS.  Our own President admitted that he had not read the bill.  He has DEMANDED passage but has not given it the consideration of …oh, I don’t know… reading it before he makes demands.  Our elected officials have followed suit in the dearth of those who have actually read the damn thing – Let Freedom Ring, A Conservative Site has actually approached all Senators & Congresspeoples to ask them to make a commitment to the American People and agree to read it & sign a commitment.  As of this writing, only 78 have agreed to read the Bill – none of them are Democrats.  Here is the link to check on your officials:  http://www.letfreedomringusa.com/pledge-to-read
  • Obama does not have the support of his own party.  The Blue Dog Democrats which number 52 are against the bill as well – these Dems are generally more fiscally conservative and they are not buying what Obama is selling either.  Please call the Blue Dogs and let them know that you stand with them in their refusal to cave into the demands of Obama and Pelosi.  The most important are the 8 that are sitting on the Committee and I will list those names and numbers at the bottom of this post.  Also, Obama does not have the support of the CBO (non partisan) – the CBO has said that the costs for this plan are not sustainable.  end of story.
  • Obama touts all kinds of support and throws out bunches of important sounding initials but let’s be clear *snicker*: the AMA (American Medical Association) only represents 20% of all physicians in the USA.  the ANA (American Nurse Association) only represents 8-10% of all nurses in the USA.  Mayo Clinic which is one of the most prominent healthcare organizations in the world came out today AGAINST Obamacare.  That is far more compelling than the small percentages of those who have thrown in with Obama.
  • One of my biggest issues is this: Why are Senators and Congresspeople qualified to right a healthcare reform bill?  Are they qualified?  Who has medical experience?  Who has worked in the industry?  Do I trust these people to make decisions my health, my child’s health and my parent’s health?
  • I am including summaries that are being compiled by a Conservative group here on Lady Libertas so that you can reference areas of concern.  Here are a few of mine:  this bill will pay for abortion; there are mandates for end of life counseling for Seniors to include alternatives to treatments.  These 2 issues on their own are completely unacceptable to me and I do not need to hear anymore.
  • Bureaucrats will administer our healthcare.  Think of the Division of Motor Vehicle or the IRS – these peoples will be your healthcare counselors.
  • There are plenty of horror stories out there about the healthcare in Canada, the UK and Europe.  I do not need to reiterate them here.  Stories of endless wait periods, rationed care, death and a long litany of suffering.  Do we need this?
  • Obama said today “This is not about me.”  and I say – it damn well is.  It is about the ego and inexperience of the man running our country.  He refuses to back down and he wants to take all of us with him.  SAY NO.

You can read the major media news stories, you can watch the major news outlets.  You can cruise the blogs or tweet yourself silly.  But at the end of the day, you must think about this.  Look at your family and think about this.  There are other solutions that are more cohesive than this swiftly cobbled, poorly planned, half-baked craziness.  Inform yourself.  Be a responsible American.

Here are what some other Americans in Missouri thought of Obamacare:

and Sebelius had a similar reception in Louisiana:

Blue Dog Democrats to contact who sit on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

John Barrow (GA-12) (202) 225-2823
Bart Gordon (TN-06) (202) 225-4231
Baron Hill (IN-09) (202) 225-5315
Jane Harman (CA-36) (202) 225-8220
Jim Matheson (UT-02) (202) 225-3011
Charlie Melancon (LA-03) (202) 225-4031
Mike Ross (AR-04) (202) 225-3772
Zack Space (OH-18) (202) 225-6265

I am also adding the following link which is email and fax info: http://conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm

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