How to become an Activist for America

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” Thomas Jefferson

The resurgence of American pride and interest in the Founding Fathers and the Constitution warms my heart.  Perhaps, we owe Obama a bit of gratitude for providing himself as a common enemy as a rallying point for Americans to find their voices again.  He also is a warning to Americans about what can be done quickly by a Socialist/Communist agenda to undermine our country.  Every patriotic American must become an activist for America.

  • Speak to your co-workers, friends and family.  Inform people of what is going on – you will be surprised how many are unaware.
  • Take 20 minutes on your lunch break to call Congress and your representatives to tell them what you think – EVERY DAY
  • Send emails and tweets to Congress – remind them that they work for the American People!
  • Join a Tea Party or 912 group in your area and network with others of like mind – Supporting each other gives us energy and hope (not hopium) which we need to keep fighting
  • In this challenging economic climate, remember that a donation of time and energy is just as important as money
  • Get talking points – keep it simple as you speak to other people
  • Be informed!  Read newspapers, blogs – tune into Conservative radio and tv  – There are many good sources of information
  • Know the opposition – it is worth it to tune in to what the other side is doing so that we can be prepared
  • READ THE BILLS – this is the legislation that will affect your way of life – read the bills – it is your right as an American citizen and your duty as a patriot!
  • Know your elected officials – find out what they stand for – how have they voted on important issues to you?  Knowledge is a powerful tool!
  • Don’t assume someone else will do it for you – that is the Culture of Apathy mindset that Obama is counting on to change the face of America into a nanny society
  • Be passionate – what makes you proud to be an American?  What impacts you personally?  Make it your own!
  • Brush up on the basics – read about the Founding Fathers & the Constitution and how their vision of America is completely relevant today
  • Stay focused!  So much is going on – pick one thing and focus!
  • BE OUTRAGED – Understand how Obama’s plan is going to affect you and your family and funnel that outrage into ACTION!

“Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”  Thomas Jefferson

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“If there be one principle more deeply rooted than any other in the mind of every American, it is, that we should have nothing to do with conquest.”  Thomas Jefferson

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3 Responses to How to become an Activist for America

  1. Lars Olsson says:

    Hi! Nice digs. 😉

    Y’know, ol’ Thomas Jefferson said a lot of great stuff in his time.
    One of the other quotes from him with which you might be a little less
    familiar is this one:

    Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence,
    and deem them like the ark of the covenant, too sacred to be

    Resolutions, 1803

    I certainly think, as apparently you do as well, that Jefferson
    qualifies as a “founding father.” But even he understood that the
    greatness of this nation (or any nation, though he, like you and I, are
    principally concerned with this one) depends upon its ability to remain
    steadfastly but flexibly committed to the ideals and goals of the
    republic, not slavishly committed to the exact written words left behind
    by the long-dead group of men who wrote the founding documents of that
    republic. Indeed, Jefferson once wrote (shortly after his Presidency
    was over), that “Certain States from local and occasional discontents
    might attempt to secede from the Union. But it is not probable that local
    discontents can spread to such an extent as to be able to face the sound
    parts of so extensive an Union; and if ever they should reach the majority,
    they would then become the regular government, acquire the ascendency in
    Congress and be able to redress their own grievances by laws peaceably and
    constitutionally passed.

    In other words, despite Jefferson’s belief that on rare occasions,
    revolution – war – might be the only way to achieve freedom and/or good
    government, it should always be a very last resort. Before that should come
    civil disobedience, if all attempts at using lawful channels has failed.
    But even before that – indeed, the main way to change the course of a
    government gone wrong – should be the use of existing structures of government.
    In short, doing many of the things you suggest – talking to
    friends and neighbors, writing and calling representatives, keeping oneself
    informed, etc. Jefferson’s point in the above quote regarding secesion,
    I think, was that when a subset of citizens become discontented about some
    aspect of their government, they need to keep in mind that they are by
    definition a minority, no matter how convinced of the rightness of their
    cause they are. If they believe that others would share their views if they
    were properly educated about certain issues, then their job should be to
    convince people. If their ideas or their dissatisfactions become widespread
    enough, then they will no longer be a minority, and their views will, through
    the processes already set up by our form of government, assume the force of not
    only conventional wisdom, but of law. No need for armed insurrection or revolution
    or even civil disobedience – our system is set up to allow evolution,
    not revolution, to provide the citizens with what the majority
    of them deem to be the best conditions of government.

    I would argue that for Jefferson, even stronger than his well-documented
    insistence that the resort to revolution – as he and Washington and others had done –
    must be preserved as a last resort to free people from tyranny from the government,
    was Jefferson’s steadfast faith in the essential structure of the government they
    had worked so hard to establish as the best way to resolve the public’s need for
    changes, along with his strenuous opposed to the idea of secession from the union. I
    believe Jefferson would have observed that the protests and activities which
    led up to the Revolutionary War themselves were simply the beginnings of a vital
    democratic tradition of vocal public participation in government,
    especially of agitating for changes to government perceived to have
    either gone astray or not kept up with the people’s needs and desires.
    Those protests culminated in war – as they almost inevitably had to, since
    they were against an absentee government which thought it could rule a
    worldwide system of colonies by remote fiat. But, once established, the
    government Jefferson had such a hand in helping shape virtually enshrines dissent
    – or at least the acknowledgement of its usefulness – in the founding documents
    themselves. The Declaration of Independence’s main theme, it can be
    credibly be argued, centers around the right – not just at that time, in
    the 1770s, but at ALL times, of free people to
    participate in and to change their government: “That
    whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is
    the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it….
    only one of many sentences sprinkled throughout not just that document
    but all of the founding documents which evince a healthy respect for the
    power of dissent. And although the Declaration is Jefferson’s words, it’s pretty clear that his
    intention was for the “alter” part to be the dominant one, not the “abolish” part.
    Jefferson once wrote to George Washington: “I can scarcely contemplate
    a more incalculable evil than the breaking of the Union into two or more parts.

    You’ve expressed approval of what you characterize as a “resurgence of American
    pride and interest in the Founding Fathers and the Constitution
    ,” and I
    noticed you recently re-tweeted with approval another conservative’s observation that
    demonstrations and protests used to be strictly the province of the left,
    but no longer. And while I agree, on the surface, that protests have indeed been
    the nearly-exclusive province of the left for many decades, going back
    through the days of the Wagner Act in the ’30s and before, to the era
    of Eugene Debs and the Wobblies, my question to you is: aren’t those very
    demonstrations of so many leftists in years past exactly what
    Jefferson refers to – proof of an abiding trust of and faith in the underlying
    principles of America, but at the same time visible and concerted expressions
    of disapproval of portions of its current status? When Jefferson wrote all of
    his words, the United States was a country which allowed slavery. It was a country
    in which only land-owning white men could vote. You yourself would have been
    told to shut up and get back in the kitchen for expressing your opinions this
    publicly, were it not for the blood, sweat and tears of women like Elizabeth Cady
    Stanton and others. In short, is not the rich history of mostly-lawful protest
    exactly what you are now discovering and relishing for yourself
    and the conservative movement?

    I submit that your implication that there was ever a loss of “American pride”
    or of “interest in the Constitution” is not only misplaced, but would have been
    soundly rejected by Jefferson. Instead, I would argue that the lack of any noticeable
    conservative protests of significance for virtually a hundred years,
    through those days when incredible progress was made toward fulfilling the lofty
    notion that “all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights”
    says more about conservatism – and not in a good way – than it does about liberalism
    or anything else. And the very fact of the history of agitation for progress and
    protests which you and others seem willing to acknowledge have been the near-exclusive
    province of lefties for decades serves conversely as evidence all by itself of liberals’
    fulfillment of Jeffersonian ideals about the progress of our country. So, I have a
    feeling that Jefferson would have applauded – as I do – your newfound zeal for
    organizing (though he, like myself, might have wondered where you and your
    like-minded conservative compatriots have been for the last hundred years).

    This is not to suggest that liberals have always been on the right side of
    every issue, nor that conservatives have not participated in (or have impeded) our
    nation’s progress. Lincoln himself was the father of the modern Republican party,
    after all. So if you feel – as you clearly do – that things are going away from what
    the best ideals of our country call us to embody, then go for it, I say: you’ve got
    a good list of things to do for anyone wishing to be an active citizen. But, lest
    conservatives’ protests degenerate into nothing more than “sound and fury, signifying
    nothing” (or worse), I would gently suggest that you discourage the use of language
    which portrays those of your fellow citizens who merely disagree with you as enemies or
    bad-intentioned actors. I would suggest that you urge people to read more than
    just “newspapers, blogs – tune into conservative radio and tv.” Urge
    them to read – and consider – the ideas they think they oppose, as well — not just
    the contrary things that someone whom they know already shares their general worldview
    says about those ideas. Separate yourselves from those who urge
    stockpiling weapons, at least as it dovetails with the exercise of citizenship. And
    similarly shun those who seem to first turn to words like “treason” and “enemies” to
    describe their opponents, and who reference secession and insurrection in their
    talk of what to do to reform the problems they see in government. They are not your
    – or America’s – enemies. Remember that for every quote from so august a person as
    Jefferson you produce warning of government wasting people’s money or taking it
    unfairly from those who worked for it, other people have noticed – and are acting
    on a sincere agreement with – quotes from the same person such as the ones I’ve
    referenced here, and like these:

    The fondest wish of my heart ever was that the surplus portion of [those]
    taxes destined for the payment of that debt [contracted in the Revolutionary war] should,
    when that object was accomplished, be continued by annual or biennial re-enactments and
    applied in time of peace to the improvement of our country by canals, roads and useful
    institutions, literary or others; and in time of war to the maintenance of the war.


    Though we cannot relieve all the distressed, we should relieve as many as we can.

    and even

    My zealous good wishes… [are] that, embellishing with taste a country already
    overflowing with the useful productions, [the society of artists of the United States]
    may be able to give an innocent and pleasing direction to accumulations of wealth, which
    would otherwise be employed in the nourishment of coarse and vicious habits.

    Good luck in your newfound avocation. 🙂

    • Antaia says:

      Lars – since we connected on Twitter, I have sincerely appreciated your intelligence and your questions. It is discourse with people like you that allows one to truly articulate a position and the whys of it! I find that if you do not speak with people of differing views, you cannot evolve a response or anything other than a mob mentality opinion. SO, I personally value opposing views and intelligent and thoughtful presentation of those views. I am also human so there are moments that the constant inanity of beliefs that I hold to be completely untrue just aggravate the hell out of me. 🙂

      I believe that our Constitution is the most powerful document in the world. It had world shattering repercussions and I find that the words today are as powerful and potent as they were several hundred years ago. I do not believe that there is a group such as our Framers that exist today that could author another document like our Constitution and I believe that the system does work so we should not jump into too much flexibility. From Thomas Jefferson as well: “On every question of construction [of the Constitution] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

      Ah – now in those beautiful words, I also find what makes our country so great – debate. The ability for us to live in this country and have the freedom to have DEBATE. Heated debate, ugly debate, intelligent debate – whatever – we get to do it. And the freedom of the USA and our Constitution affords us that luxury. If we were to move to a Socialist or Communist platform from which our government were operating, it would be the end of this country and the freedoms that we have fought to preserve.

      And I think I am going to have to do a complete post on the whole secession/treason issue as it ballooned on twitter and actually began by someone calling me a traitor because I believe that states have the right of secession. Not lightly. My god – not even in serious crisis but in the most DIRE of times – yes. I believe that our states would be the bastions from preventing a Fed that has gone wrong. I do not believe we are quite there yet but I am concerned enough to think about it and talk about it and to question the direction of our country and the agenda of the people who are running it.

      Also – it is interesting that you bring up armed insurrection, revolution even civil disobedience and I am curious as to where that has come in my post discussing activism? The only word that I have used frequently is revolution – and I AM seeking a fundamental change in the power and organizational structure but please be assured that I will only support methods that are law-abiding and within our system. I could not love this country and the Constitution and believe that anarchy is the best way. And I cannot believe that you would mean that the 2nd Amendment or support of it would automatically lead to armed insurrection…I feel very sure that we can restrain ourselves to Tea Parties and meetings with our elected officials. and flag waving – lots of flag waving!

      You asked me this question: “aren’t those very
      demonstrations of so many leftists in years past exactly what
      Jefferson refers to – proof of an abiding trust of and faith in the underlying
      principles of America, but at the same time visible and concerted expressions
      of disapproval of portions of its current status?”
      and I say YES!
      But it is nice to know that I do not have to join a War Protest to satisfy my urges for a bullhorn and political dissent. I will tell you a secret – I have been dissenting for a long time 🙂 – I spent many years in school and college being tossed by more leftist leaning instructors that I took on.
      But I have wondered the same – where has this been all of my life?
      Although, you would have found many of these people that are at the Tea Parties at Support Our Troops rallies, at community functions waving the flag and celebrating the values of this country. They were also the people supporting 911 prayer vigils and digging deep for any crisis that required contributions. As well, these are the people who go to work every day and pay their taxes because they believe in this country. The rumblings began during Bush – and Obama fiscal irresponsibility has been a call to action.
      It is fantastic and I think the internet and the ability to network is responsible for a large part of it – people do not have to be concerned that they will be a lone voice.
      There certainly has been an increase of interest in the Constitution – it happened at the time of the Patriot Act as well – I believe that any time that the American People feel like they are going to be screwed by the Fed is when there is a resurgence of interest in the Constitution. I have never experienced discussions and people seeking our American roots like I have experienced in the past year. I think it is a beautiful thing that Americans of all ages and beliefs on both sides are waking up a bit from the Culture of Apathy and beginning to interact and find their voices.

      I did not use the word enemy – I did use the word opposition in encouraging people in the above post to explore what is going on at the table opposite. Frankly, Lars, I DO believe that a Communist agenda is the enemy of our country so I do not use that word lightly or at someone who is simply more liberal than I am. Time for another Thomas Jefferson quote :):
      “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”

      Unfairly, Holder and Napolitano and even Obama have planted the seeds that all of us on the right are just extremists or even domestic terrorists. Let me tell you – we are the people who would be first boots on the ground should we ever experience an invasion from a foreign force. Those “stockpiles” have existed for hundreds of years and are certainly no threat to America. Now – Obama’s civilian army – well that makes me very nervous indeed.

      Funny as I am writing this very line – Glenn Beck is saying the same – “Please keep your interactions forceful, polite and peaceful.” That from the man that people are accusing as calling Americans to arms? We have been the victims of some improper labeling as well. We ALL need to remember that while we draw these lines in heated debate, the same lib trolls and right wing nutters are also our neighbors.

      It is coming that We the People may have to unite to fundamentally change our government or the direction it is taking but I believe so strongly in the integrity of the People of this country and the kindness – Americans have good hearts on both sides of the argument and we have the will to effect that change without resorting to guns. 🙂

      Another inspiration:
      “And, finally, that truth is great and will prevail if left to herself; that she is the proper and sufficient antagonist to error, and has nothing to fear from the conflict unless by human interposition disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate, errors ceasing to be dangerous when it is permitted freely to contradict them.” Thomas Jefferson

  2. John says:

    What makes our nation great was the fore thought that our founding had. I still marvel at how these men all came together in one time in history.. to change history forever. The Constitution is the most durable and perfect instrument that can be had to guide a country. The Fathers knew they had something very special and very delicate.
    We are a nation of laws where no one is above the law,thanks to the Constitution.We are a nation that believes in god. We have had our problems in the past and we have always come out stronger and more determined…We are Americans,we are proud and we believe in hard work, honesty and innovation. We have the best and the brightest,we look to see what hasn’t been done yet and then go do it. The United States of America for being such a young country,a scant 233 years old,has a rich and proud history. We have always been the underdogs and we always came through. We mean what we say what we mean. Americans know right from wrong and good from evil. We have seen the wrong and the evil and we turned wrong into right and evil into good. NEVER count the United States of America out, EVER.

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