Something Fishy – BE A SNITCH for the White House!

Hello Comrades!  I am writing to disseminate information from the Head Comrade in Charge!  We would like you to begin observing your neighbors and family and friends so we may ferret out the traitors confused individuals that are spreading lies about our super-wonderful-gollygee-gotta-have-it-healthcare that we are forcing on gifting to the American Peoples soon to be Comrades.  We have set up an intake system to correct these individuals that do not want to accept our gift of super-wonderful-gollygee-gotta-have-it-healthcare.  Comrades that get with our program will be awarded with secret positions within our movement – we call them czars!

Here is your mission, Comrades – we are counting on you:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Here is a letter from one dissenter confused individual who also goes by the name Lady Libertas – the black choppers have been dispatched:

Dear White House – I am writing to report multiple occurrences of fishiness.

  1. Please check into President Obama’s insistence that our elected officials pass a healthcare bill without having the opportunity to read or debate it.  You may also want to check on why bipartisanship has not been welcome at the healthcare table as well!
  2. Please check into Robert Gibbs – he is just fishy all the way around.
  3. Please check into all of the czars that have been given power under President Obama’s administration with no accountability or transparency.  Perhaps adding a Snitch Czar could assist you.
  4. Please check into Barney Frank because although President Obama repeatedly insists that his agenda is not to take private insurance away from us, Barney Frank said it was simply a back door method to a single payer system – the same single payer system that President Obama publicly supported prior to becoming President.
  5. Please check into Congress who have for some reason decided to exempt themselves from the healthcare that they are attempting to force on the American people.
  6. Please check into the media – they seem to be reading off talking points that have been handed to them – in fact, it is the same message as the memo from Nancy Pelosi that was given to House of Representative members as they were leaving for recess that is circulating.
  7. Please check into as they are having town halls that are targeting Seniors and spreading misinformation about healthcare reform – like the fact that Medicare is not going broke and 60 billion per year in fraud is just not important.
  8. Please check into ACORN and if I have to tell you why, well then you just aren’t paying attention.
  9. Please check into SEIU – why would they need to attend and speak at healthcare reform meetings?  that is just fishy.
  10. Please check into all of the Medicaid recipients that have to go to an Emergency Room because they do not have access to a primary care doctor or are on a waiting list to see one – can that be right or is that fishy?
  11. Please check into the substandard care that is given to Native Americans through the Indian Health Service – I mean, people dropping dead due to lack of care or mis-diagnosis is certainly fishy!
  12. Please check into the reports of huge medical errors at VA hospitals due to outdated equipment and facilities – that is fishy as well.
  13. Also, as I was driving past the new sushi place on Federal Highway, there was a fishy odor – you may want to check that out.
  14. last but not least – I should report myself because I am against the public option and goverment run healthcare completely and totally so if you are going to take away my Constitutional Rights to disagree with my government then ADD ME TO YOUR SNITCH LIST.

Kimberly Moore
Boca Raton, Florida

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2 Responses to Something Fishy – BE A SNITCH for the White House!

  1. Pkatt says:

    I sent:

    By all means please add me to the list for reading and understanding what a collosal piece of crap the healthcare bill in the house is. While you are at it, Please ask the President to read it too. That would be refreshing.

    I would like to know what article of the United States Constitution, which you swore to uphold, authorizes you to take names of any person who disagrees with your legislation.Please site US Code plz.

  2. rdickerhoof says:

    Thanks for the help in reporting ourselves! You will be rewarded…eh, somehow…

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