Lady Libertas’ Rules for Revolutionaries

Revolution is in the blood of Americans.  We have stood as a beacon of freedom for the entire world for over 200 years.  We have wielded our Big Stick all over the globe in defense of Liberty and the underdogs.  Our melting pot includes refugees of tyranny from countries everywhere.  So, it should come as no surprise that Obama the Anti-Unifier has easily thrown matchsticks onto the conflagration of American passion.

Obama has called on the Unions to come out and confront us – we are labeled as radical right wing extremists and the language of the notices to the Left is purposely inflammatory – confront, fight against – indeed – our own White House is condoning violence by saying that “if you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”  The White House has set up a Snitch line for Americans to report other Americans – are stars next?

Where has our First Amendment gone while we were going about our daily lives?  When did dissent become radical and militant and unpatriotic?  How has disagreement with government takeover of healthcare turned into a bitter and now violent dispute that has neighbors screaming racial epithets at each other in front of town hall meetings everywhere?  When did it escalate to a man who was selling flags being knocked to the ground & kicked repeatedly by SEIU Goons?

Well, Lady Libertas has a theory.  You see, fellow Patriots, this is not about government takeover of healthcare.


How interesting the the Right is called Nazis and Brown Shirts when the reality is the Nazi Party held in contempt all things that our country stands for – Democracy, Capitalism, and Liberalism (in the defined sense of the word) – they also were virulently anti-Communism.

The Left is using Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals and if they can attack us by embarrassment, they will do so.  Call someone a racist and they will be so horrified that they will leave off their debate and attempt to defend themselves – call someone a Nazi and they will do the same.  So, Lady Libertas says – GROW A THICKER SKIN.  Who cares if the Lunatic Left calls you names?  Keep moving and framing the debate the way YOU WANT versus constant defense of ridiculous labels that are only meant to distract you.

Obama and other Socialist/Marxist/Communist wannabe’s have been planting seeds in the fertile ground of American soil for years – look at our college campuses – it is hip to be a disenfranchised Marxist.  Obama even admits that this is where he found others of like mind.  This attack on the foundation of our American beliefs has been pervasive and insidious.  If this had been a goose stepping SS coming to force these beliefs on us, the American people would have united against that invasion.  Instead, the Left has erected Obamanation.  Disagree and since he is black, you are a racist.  Have another opinion and you are not American.  Speak out and you are a radical extremist.  These are THEIR LABELS.  Dismiss them – embrace it – Remind them that this “Angry Mob” has faces of hardworking Americans who will fight for our Constitutional Rights.

We need a new game plan.  Most of us had no idea that the Left or the White House would come crashing down on the First Amendment and attempt to shut down our rights of Free Speech and indeed, assembly.  The mainstream media is pointedly biased – in St. Louis, a man selling flags was thrown to the ground and beaten.  Media reports came out as 6 people were arrested.  What they did not say is that the 6 people arrested were SEIU goons who were wearing SEIU tshirts and being video taped as they kicked the man on the ground.  The video is being shown on the internet and FOX but not in other outlets.

The troll attacks on social media sites like Twitter have stepped up – Last night, I received a tweet saying that the only good Republican was a dead Republican.  I answered that they should then call out the Gravedigger Union. The Lunatic Left is empowered by the tacit support of the White House in their escalation of force.  We must be prepared.

So, Lady Libertas has some suggestions and thoughts.  We shall call these the Rules for Revolutionaries.


1.  Define and Deny the Principle. – The Principle is Socialism and the definitions are these:

  • a political theory advocating state ownership of industry
  • an economic system based on state ownership of capital
  • As well, Socialism advocates through state ownership of industry and capital, redistribution of wealth for the common good (the common good as the government sees it) – Those that choose not to work are classified equally to those who do all the work.  Success becomes evil and profit is subversive unless that profit is going to support the State.  Freedom is moot because the State owns you and the work that you do.  Through exorbitant taxes, the American Dream becomes a myth.
  • It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment upon our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The freemen of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much to forget it.” James Madison

2.  Keep your debate short & to the point & factual

  • In getting our message out, we must be able to bullet point the message and also undermine the opposition
  • In your group, divide up the topics and become an expert in that topic – spread the load – noone can know it all
  • It is also important to frame your message in a way that will reach out to those who have not made a decision
  • Example – the Left has been touting a Medicare for All campaign.  Answer:  Medicare has $60 billion in fraud per year.  Obama said Medicare will go broke in 10 years.  Medicare cuts are actually how they will pay for healthcare for all.  These are the government statistics – so how can a system that is not working, sustain a nation on that same program?
  • 91% of men survive prostate Cancer in the USA – 51% survive in UK and 57% survive in Europe – 82% in Canada
  • For Breast Cancer survival rates: the USA has a 90% survival rate and UK has 79% survival rate – Canada when compared to US and UK at same progression of the disease is at 87% but then they drop off sharply in the follow up stages, experiencing a mortality rate 25% higher than the US.

3.  Find the weakest point of the Opposition and stay on Message – force them to defend their ideas

  • Why is Congress exempting themselves from this plan?
  • Why have members of Congress not read the Bill?
  • Why has Bipartisanship participation been refused?
  • How will the government pay for this plan?
  • If 83% of Americans are happy with their insurance plans, why not just insure the uninsured?
  • The USA has the best quality of healthcare in the world – all nationalized plans have issues of lower successful outcomes and rationing of care
  • How is Congress qualified to make decisions about healthcare?  Why aren’t doctors and nurses and other healthcare professionals included in this decision making?

4.  Choose a Leader for each event & debate what you know

  • Someone has to be in charge and the rest of the group will take their cues from that person – this MUST be done in advance so that everyone is in step – We are facing groups that Organize for a living.
  • Choose a person in your group that is knowledgeable about the topic – if someone is a healthcare professional, let them take the lead on speaking – this also gives credibility to what you are saying
  • Do NOT discuss the birth certificate issue at the healthcare town halls – this is a huge distraction from the immediate topics of healthcare and Cap&Trade

5.  Do not underestimate the Opposition

  • The Left have written the books on Community Organization – most people are not even aware that they have been manipulated – read their information so that you are prepared for their tactics
  • By calling in the Unions, the Left has shown that they are willing to escalate confrontations – DO NOT LET YOUR EMOTIONS RULE YOUR REACTION – that is precisely what they are looking for
  • There should be several people taking video of the event so that our side is recorded and then that video needs to be forwarded to ALL MEDIA OUTLETS and posted on the internet

6.  Laughter is a great weapon

  • “the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule
  • the idea of Union Thugs conjures up all kinds of cartoon like images in my brain – perhaps I am too young or grew up in the wrong area of the country to remember that I should be afraid of the Union goons

7.  Do not rise to the bait of distraction – Stay focused

  • You have a message and a mission to get it out there – do not be distracted by meaningless argument
  • Meaningless arguments include defense of racism, hatred of poor people and even personal slurs
  • GROW A THICK SKIN AND BLANK THEM – do you really care what they think of you?  or even better – know it for the tactic that it is!

8.  Find non-violent ways to counteract their tactics

  • Conservatives are being slaughtered in the public opinion – the Leftist media has been delightedly showing the clips that portray Conservative Americans as shrieking nutters and have labeled us as RADICAL and EXTREMIST
  • Wear normal street clothes and leave the paraphernalia in the car – we have to be admitted into the town halls to get our views equal air time – if they see you coming, we will not get in
  • Wheelchair brigades – One of the ladies down here (thanks Miss M!) came up with the idea of wheelchair brigades – that gets two people into the meeting and chances are not even Union goons will start toppling people in wheelchairs ir with walkers or crutches – THIS WILL DISARM THEM
  • Turn in Silence – If you disagree with what is being said by the officials running the meeting, Stand and turn the other way – this would make a great statement if you have a large group that does it all at the same time:  This idea is from our Twitter Troll Patrol, rdickerhoof:  “A well known conservative activist, Martin Luther King Jr used civil disobedience. Speak your mind at town halls and rallies but, when leftist thugs attack, turn in silence.”

9.  Network and Organize and Be Active

  • Again, we are coming up against Organizers that do this for a living and have huge bankrolls behind them – join the Tea Party Groups, the 912 Groups, Freedomworks, and get out there on the social networks – meet people in your area and GET ACTIVE!
  • Ignore the astroturf accusations – why shouldn’t we take advantage of Conservative groups that have money behind them?  Just make sure that you research the group and know what they stand for and who is behind it – Moral Debate OVER.
  • Talk to friends and families and co-workers – invite them to rallies or tea parties
  • Donate Time or Money – in these economic times, many cannot donate money but time and effort is worth its weight in gold as well

10.  Keep up the pressure

  • It is nothing less than our way of life and foundational beliefs that are under attack.  Just because the enemy is not Russian speaking Communists does not mean that they are not as determined to undermine our Constitution and our Country.
  • The next few months are vital.  Give as much as you can in time and attendance at meetings, rallies, & tea parties
  • Call your elected officials DAILY – Email, Letters and Phone calls to your Elected Officials are so important – stay on them – call the ones for your district and then start calling the Reps that are on the fence – our opposition uses PHONE BANKS – we need to create our own.

11.  Make the Opposition live up to it’s own book of rules – straight from Alinsky

  • A perfect example of this is pointing out that Congress has exempted themselves from this healthcare plan – WHY?
  • Why will Obama’s children receive different healthcare than taxpayer’s children?
  • The St. Louis attack by SEIU Goons was against a black man?  is that Racism too?
  • Bush was absolutely villified by leftist groups and anti-war groups – why are we radical and extreme?
  • Bush’s Iraq War versus Obama’s Afghanistan War
  • Patriot Act versus the Snitch on your Fishy Neighbor
  • Bias of the mainstream media – why no videos of Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis showing SEIU Thugs in their tshirts kicking him on the ground?
  • “Liberal Hypocrisy is a treasure trove” (rdickerhoof)

12.  Take comfort and inspiration from the Revolutionaries before us

  • Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Beside, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of Nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.  Patrick Henry 1775
  • In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed, and in the next place, oblige it to control itself. Alexander Hamilton
  • Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety.  Benjamin Franklin
  • People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity.  John Adams
  • The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards.  Samuel Adams
  • As long as the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader. If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security.  Samuel Adams

Get the message out Patriots and Lady Libertas will see you on the front lines.


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23 Responses to Lady Libertas’ Rules for Revolutionaries

  1. Ron Russell says:

    Good detailed post. When Obugger decided to call up the goon squad and send them out in search of Old men and women at the town hall meetings he crossed the line the the violence that is coming rest with the fool at 1600 PA ave. and the MSM will in time have to report these incidents.

    • Antaia says:

      well considering that as many Conservatives or at least independents watch main stream media as Liberals – we need to create a ruckus about how this is being reported! Call them – ask why no video? why not reported that it was 6 SEIU thugs that were arrested in St. Louis – I did last night on Twitter to Jake Tapper – ABC corr at the WH and gee, he did not have an answer.
      Thanks Ron!

  2. The Neo-Nazi ‘n Chief miscalculated big time on this one 🙂

    • Antaia says:

      Why Yes – I think he did and we need to be prepared and understand that they fight dirty – Obama even said himself – If they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun. We like the 2nd Amendment!

  3. randyedye says:

    Excellent sight from Randy’s Right

  4. meatbrain says:

    “Keep your debate short & to the point & factual”

    That’s very amusing, given that you’ve been actively spreading the lie that HR3200 contains “mandates for end of life counseling for Seniors”. Your advice would be more credible if you had any concern for the factual yourself.

    You exhort others to “Be a responsible American”. Do you have the courage to take responsibility for repeating a falsehood?

    • Antaia says:

      Hello meatbrain – thanks for taking time out from your busy job of attacking your fellow Americans on Twitter to come to my blog and call me a liar. Thankfully, I have grown a thicker skin and while there is a small mean little part of me that thinks that people like you who believe Obama’s lies should be the ones who get the healthcare, I instead have chosen to fight. To fight Socialized Healthcare and the accelerated spread of Socialism in our country – Indeed, meatbrain, I am fighting for your right to be an asshole! SO – here is a great link from a MD who also consulted some lawyers and I believe him.
      I work in healthcare and I lived in the UK and I know what Obama is about. And I will continue to fight because that is my right as it is your to disagree.

      • meatbrain says:

        Too many of my fellow Americans are lying, to themselves and to each other. Is it your view that those of us who notice these lies should simply shut up and sit down?

        The article you cited does not support your claim. Donnell specifically states that the bill “merely adds such counseling as a covered service but does not mandate it”.

        You claim to believe Donnell. You also claim that the bill “mandates for end of life counseling for Seniors”. You appear to simultaneously hold two diametrically opposite beliefs. Kindly explain this cognitive dissonance.

      • Antaia says:

        Nope – I am fighting for your freedom to express yourself as well.
        Actually – the last bit is this: “OK, maybe the imperative words here merely refer to coding requirements in order to get reimbursed for the counseling, but who knows?”
        which implies that you are to make your own intelligent decision – and knowing what I know about Socialized Medicine and rationed care, I am falling on the side that the end of life counseling is going to have to be mandated to keep costs down. Even Obama was speaking about pain pills versus treatment for Congestive Heart Failure…of course, those are the kind of idiotic statements that we can expect when bureaucrats are going to make healthcare decisions.
        SO there you go…if you want them making decisions about your healthcare, then by all means, support it. I want healthcare professionals assisting me in making my OWN decisions about healthcare so I am saying NO to government takeover of healthcare. Easy!

      • meatbrain says:

        “Actually – the last bit is this: “OK, maybe the imperative words here merely refer to coding requirements in order to get reimbursed for the counseling, but who knows?””

        As I have already noted, Donnell specifically states that the bill “merely adds such counseling as a covered service but does not mandate it”. Obviously, you have chosen to cherry-pick just those parts of his article that nourish the paranoid fantasy of a “mandate”, and ignore the rest.

        “I am falling on the side that the end of life counseling is going to have to be mandated to keep costs down.”

        You did not claim that counseling would be mandated at some vague future date. You claimed that the bill currently contains such a provision. Please cite the specific page and line numbers in the bill that mandate end-of-life counseling.

        “…of course, those are the kind of idiotic statements that we can expect when bureaucrats are going to make healthcare decisions.”

        Bureaucrats already make healthcare decisions. Said bureaucrats are employed by insurance companies. Do you fully understand that this is the status quo that you are defending?

        Please cite the specific provisions in HR3200 that turn over decisions regarding medical treatment to bureaucrats.

        “I want healthcare professionals assisting me in making my OWN decisions about healthcare so I am saying NO to government takeover of healthcare.”

        Please cite the specific provisions in HR3200 that remove healthcare professionals from the process of making decisions regarding treatment.

      • Antaia says:

        Meatbrain – I applaud your selectivity in cherry picking as well. As I am sure that you know, when laws do not specifically restrict, it opens the door for the action. This is also why Pelosi fought to keep abortion funding OUT – so that they could back door it later. Same with this – and his conclusion in the article is that the language is SO convoluted that noone can say for sure precisely what their true intention is – another back door it says to me. You can also bet your bottom dollar that providing funding for this counseling means that it will be included in the metrics required to be a “government approved healthcare provider” – I know Medicare and Medicaid and how they work – I have dealt with Medicare auditors many times in the past 20 years.
        I will refer you to the post that I wrote on the current state of the healthcare programs that the government is running and how we cannot afford to allow them to do this to the entire nation. If you choose to live in the world of Truthium and Hopium – I suggest that you take very good care of yourself because eventually you will be in an office discussing DNR orders, living wills, alternative treatments to care, etc and not because the doctor thinks that these are important in your care but because they have been MANDATED to do so.

  5. randyedye says:

    Rock on LL!

    • Antaia says:

      LOL – Thanks! BTW – I added you to my blogroll – outstanding job on the blog and I loved all the pics and videos from the past few days! I tried to leave a comment on that post on the blog, but I could not find the comments; however, it is entirely possible that I have not had sufficient coffee. 🙂

  6. Jenn says:

    I was just wondering if you could have Lady libertas sent to your e-mail?

  7. Lars Olsson says:

    “…noted conservative activist Martin Luther King, Jr.“???


    Please, oh, please, oh please….tell me I read that wrong – or that you just cut and pasted it without absorbing that portion of what it actually said. PLEASE tell me you don’t think of MLK as a “noted conservative activist.”

    • randyedye says:

      MLK was a Christian Conservative

      • Lars Olsson says:

        Christian, yes. Conservative? No – at least not in the way you mean.

        But – just for giggles, given your position – can you tell me why J. Edgar Hoover and others crusaded for years, trying to convince anyone who would listen that King was a Communist?

    • Antaia says:

      I’m sorry, Lars but MLK was Christian and a registered Republican – what part of what he preached is not Conservative?

  8. Lars Olsson says:

    Got a link to MLK’s registration form showing party affiliation?

    • Antaia says:

      nope but let me know if you find one – I assumed it being a widely known fact on both sides would be sufficient proof but knock yourself out! 🙂

      • meatbrain says:

        “nope but let me know if you find one”

        And so we can see that Antaia is quite comfortable making assertions for which she can produce no factual evidence.

      • Antaia says:

        His family, the DNC and the RNC have all confirmed it so if you want to go in search of more factual evidence – knock yourself out. 🙂 It is fascinating how you Liberals think that you can just keep repeating lies enough to make them true.

  9. Pingback: When Wrong Attack- Socialist Motto | Defense of the Republic

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