Snark Remark of the Week

and it is only Monday…

I think that Hillary should win the Snark Remark of the Week with her latest.  Admittedly, she has been marginalized and upstaged at every opportunity in case she would get any uppity ideas – I have to say that Obama the Unifier is excellent at pissing everyone off.

Poor Hillary – Welcome to Obamanation…

Close runnerups were Queen Pelosi and her kissbuttboy of the week Steny Hoyer but I am saving them for the next post…

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One Response to Snark Remark of the Week

  1. Phil says:

    Too funny! She doesn’t look very happy about Bill doing the job which she probably should have. Your point about BHO keeping her at bay, behind the scenes, seems reasonable – he was afraid of her for the role of VP, and remains worried about her for 2012.

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