Don’t Lose Sight of the Cause

Sebelius announced today that Obama and the liberals will consider taking the Public Option off the table.  While it could be an almost dizzying small victory, we must not lose sight of the cause.  As  Thomas Paine said:

It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same.

As the hate speech has increased against the American People, we have shown out fortitude and passion by continuing to demand to be heard.  Acorn buses in their supporters on county owned buses no less in Pennsylvania as Americans speaking their minds are discounted as Astroturf.  The hypocrisy of the Left is coming around to bite them as the ground swell of protest has risen in the most unprecedented denial of government actions since the Vietnam War.

Harry Reid called us “evil mongers” (as they hasten to enter that new word into the dictionary) and we watch the “compassion” of Sheila Jackson Lee in Houston as she takes phone calls while a cancer survivor is speaking to her in a townhall.  The blatant dismissal of the American People by everyone from Obama to our elected officials to the mainstream media has been breathtaking and as we spread the word, people from all sides cannot but help to be outraged.

This has ballooned from individual bills to protest against Socialism and the expansion of government.  We have been asked to believe what we know to be lies directly from the President of the United States.  He held several more orchestrated townhalls this week to show us his determination to work this out.  The funny part is that he rolled up his sleeves, continued in campaign mode, cracked jokes and eluded any difficult questions that managed to sneak in.  I mean come on, in Montana, a man said he is a proud NRA member and 3 other people clap?  IN MONTANA?  Meanwhile, we missed the heated debates going on outside as Montana patriots handed bused in union members their asses and sent them home packing.

The Cause, therefore, must not be lost.

Lady Libertas is fighting for the Cause and believes these points must not be forgotten:

  • Expansion of government can lead to nothing less than restriction of the rights of the People and loss of freedom
  • Nationalization of Industry is the goal of Socialism.  The “bailouts” are nothing more than excuses to nationalize our manufacturing and finance industries.  This cannot continue.
  • Hypocrisy and Lies are not acceptable.  period.  We are intelligent and rational human beings that represent many opinions in this country and Hypocrisy and LIES are not acceptable by either side.
  • The United States of America is a beacon of freedom to the whole world and we have nothing to apologize for.
  • Freedom of Speech is the FIRST of our RIGHTS and should not be crushed by any other human being or government – to do so is to declare themselves tyrants and they should be dealt with as TYRANTS.
  • Opposition and debate and shouting are ALL American traditions and should be respected as such.  Patrick Henry certainly did not mutter – “Give me Liberty or give me death!”

It has been a long hot summer and I expect it be more heated before it is over.  If you are not involved in your area, GET INVOLVED!  Network and meet others of like mind -Be an American.

We must raise our voices now if we are not to lose everything in legislation in September.


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2 Responses to Don’t Lose Sight of the Cause

  1. Progressives (of Hegelian/Marxian ilk) don’t engage in debate. What they do is frame an enemy, project motives and images onto that enemy.

    The hegelian method is to create a thesis/antithesis conflict, raise a divisive ruckus then try to choose the winning side of history. They then move on to the next crisis.

    The healthcare debate has been about a false dichtomy. Which third party should own your healthcare? Should an insurance company own your health or should a government agency own your health?

    A more fundamental debate is “Should you own your health, or a third party own your health?”

    If we had the fundamental debate, people would head in a completely different direction. Not only would they reject a bill that required people to buy health insurance, they would reject all of the tax breaks that give an artificial advantage to insurance.

    People would want to establish Health Savings Accounts or join a Medical Savings and Loan.

  2. Bill Hammel says:

    Thank you Lady Libertas, yes it is easy to lose sight. It is easy to become frustrated. So it is good to be reminded of these truths you’ve wisely stated. It serves us well, once again, to stir anger in those who’ve become complacent, or worse, want to give up.
    It’s easy to be lazy. It’s not easy to take action, when you know there will be others that take up the fight. There may be a voice from within side you, that may tell you, ” what can one person do ? ” Well, that person is NOT the “Good Angel”, need I say more? Look straight ahead, and with all your might and your courage, fear not this Evil, that is,” the Obama Administration!” We all have a conscience, have we not, Lady Libertas ? People can become desentisized, to the truth, if all they listen to are the lies coming from the White House. If all they ever see is purely Partisan politics, and the words of greedy, power driven polititians, self centered to the extreme. So don’t listen to the devil, and do what your conscience tells you is right! ACTION- ACTION-ACTION and let’s talk about IMPEACHING the bastard.
    Vote them all out of office. And I thank you Lady Libertas, you’re an inspiration!

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