Shut Up.

Lady Libertas would like to indulge in a bit of a rant inspired by the video that I have included at the end of this post.

Shut up.

Shut up.  We may have lost an election but we have not lost our minds, our values, our pride, our work ethic, our love of country or our voices.

Shut up.  We are not an angry mob, un-American, crazies, astroturf, militant extremists, fucktards, racists, wingnuts, evil-mongererererers, domestic terrorists, white hoods, Nazis, brown shirts, deathers or any of the other labels that our own elected officials and fellow Americans have seen fit with which to denigrate our desire to make our voices heard in our country regarding monumental bills that will affect the rest of our lives.

Shut up.  Hate Speech is Hate Speech even when directed against people that you disagree with and agreeing to disagree is the very fabric of the United States and the spirit of our Founding Fathers.  Dissent IS American.  We are fighting to be heard because it is our Right to express ourselves just like those that disagree with us have the Right to express their opinions.  Shouting IS American.  Ask Europe all about loud Americans.

Shut up.  We have no lobbyist money or taxpayer money funding our outrage.  We have no buses or pre-printed signs or t-shirts or fancy flyers.  We do not have 18 million dollars to spend on websites or organizations with millions in the account.  We do not have databases with hundreds of thousands of names or employment rosters to call upon or union memberships.  We do not have paid community organizers or people who have been “trained” to organize or rule books.   We have lots of volunteers and late nights and sheer force of will.  We have commitment and intelligence and passion.  And lots of poster boards and markers.  And we have pretty good senses of humor.  (Although, as Lady Libertas has stated before, if someone would like to pay me to do this, please call…please…like now is good!)

Shut up.  with your fishy.  with your reality check.  with your email lists.  with axelrod spam.  (actually – we may keep the fishy)

Shut up.  We have watched the Democratic Congress that came to power in November 2006 serve up the same things that I found offensive and upsetting that have been attributed to Bush.  Lest we forget, Presidents only sign the bills – Congress is really where it happens and by June of 2007, this Congress had reached an all time low confidence rating.  Interestingly, Obama said that he did not want to talk to the people who had made the mess, but since he was part of that Congress (briefly albeit) and since many of those members are sitting on the Hill with him, I can only wonder who he thinks made the mess?

Shut up.  Keep your lies to yourself.  How dare you stand in front of me and speak untruth and expect me to comply or believe anything else that comes out of your mouth.

Shut up.  Medicare is broken.  Medicare is a single payer system and most Medicare recipients have to pay out of pocket for additional Medicare supplemental insurance.  Medicare has 60 billion dollars per year in fraud.  Medicare has run out of money.  Medicare has lowered their reimbursement rates and passed the burden onto providers who have in turn had to pass it along to private insurance holders.  Putting an entire country on a system that cannot support what it has now is a disaster.  Keep your Medicare for All and let’s fix Medicare for Now.

Shut up.  No more evil doctors that steal tonsils and perform amputations for $30,000.  Just Shut up.

Shut up.  There is nothing that can be said to reassure us that any healthcare plan brought to the board will be deficit neutral.  The CBO agrees with us.  Without analyzing the legislative language (how dizzying is that concept?!), the CBO predicts that HR3200 will add hundreds of billions to the deficit within a 10 year period.  The CBO Director was also told to shut up, but thankfully he did not.

Shut up.  Noone is going to Cuba to take advantage of their fabulous healthcare system.  Noone is making a run for the border to partake of Canada’s physician described “imploding” system.  The United States has some of the best healthcare outcomes in the world.  The World Health Organization life expectancy report is a ridiculous argument – it does not compare apples to apples.  Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic which are two of the top healthcare providers in the world have spoken against the proposed healthcare reform.  I choose to side with healthcare professionals rather than career politicians who are more interested in power brokering than listening to the people that they represent.

Shut up.  The AMA (American Medical Association) represents less than 29% of all physicians in the United States.  Their membership is split and many were shocked that the AMA came out in support of HR3200.  On 8/15/09, the AMA stated the following: “The AMA continues to oppose nationalized health insurance, and we continue to express opposition to elements of public plan proposals that we believe could lead us down the road to a single-payer system or ‘socialized medicine.’”  It appears that this is not the ringing endorsement that Obama has led everyone to believe.

Shut up.  AARP supports HR3200.  AARP does not support HR3200.  Obama says that AARP does support HR3200.  AARP says that they do not (today).  Since July 1, AARP has lost 60,000 members.  AARP should have shut up while they were ahead.

Shut up.  The main stream media may as well use the same teleprompter as the White House.  We are treated to more non-reporting and the liberal agenda promotion has become not just expected but blatant.  Youtube may just be the new network of the people along with Fox.  And those who do not believe that there is a strong Conservative base in the USA should perhaps refer to Fox’s ratings and market share versus other cable news outlets.

Shut up.  with your government mandated lightbulbs.  with your inconvenient truth.  with your Green agenda.  with your electricity taxes couched in an environmental language.  with your smart cars.  with your Soros companies and stocks that will blossom if Cap&Trade is passed on the backs of the American People.  Green is the new Red and you can keep it.

Shut up.  Capitalism, free market, profit and competition are not evil.  Socialism is evil.  Bailouts are evil.  Nationalization of any private industry is evil.

Shut up.  Afghanistan is your war, Obama.  Your vehement protests pre-presidency are falling a bit flat as you not only continue Bush’s Iraq policy but fully engage us in Afghanistan.  Where is Code Pink now?

Shut up.  You cannot have our guns or our bibles.  You cannot have our tacit approval to make decisions that violate the very core of what we believe.  You cannot have our minds or the minds of our children.  You cannot have the lives of our Senior Citizens or the chronically ill.  

Shut up.  You cannot have the blood, sweat and tears of America without being accountable.

I would like to Thank Pajamas Media for inspiring this post and for making me laugh when sometimes I really want to cry.

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14 Responses to Shut Up.

  1. BRAVO LadyLibertas BRAVO!!!!!!!! I loved it… Spot on! 😉

  2. Peter says:

    Good morning. Don’t shut up. But when it is your turn to field, you have to make sure that you let the cricketers have their bat.

    • Antaia says:

      As my darling husband, you of all people should know how tough it is to get me to shut up! But yes, I understand what you are saying and a totalitarian state is not desirable for either side.

  3. Lars says:

    Aw, c’mon! I actually SHOWED you a picture of the buses that one of Rick Scott’s astroturf groups uses to drive around and do their lobbyist-paid dog and pony show. I love a good rant as much as the next guy, but they go from the realm of the impassioned to the realm of the deranged based upon how much outright B.S. is contained within ’em. And when I KNOW you’ve seen such buses – ’cause I showed the picture to you myself – lines like “we have no lobbyist money or buses,” well…that’s on the way to the latter category.

    And, for the umpteenth time, dissent is VERY American. What’s not so much – what’s more thuggery than dialogue – is when folks who DON’T HAVE to fight to be heard, because they’re standing in the same room with their representative, who’s actively seeking input from people; when those people choose to shout to drown out all OTHER voices, including the representative. When the goal is to “rattle him,” not to engage in dialogue or to allow anyone else to. That’s not American dissent, it’s American thuggery.

    • Antaia says:

      ONE bus Lars – ONE bus is what that organization had to travel the country. Where did ACORN and SEIU get the school buses that are owned by supposed taxpayers to show up?? As well, you speak of thuggery, but no crazy rightwingers have been arrested – only people representing the pro-healthcare side – so WHY are we thugs? And I am speaking from direct experience here in Florida – we have no money. None. It is all volunteer and of all the people organizing, I do not know anyone that has received money but I did see an interesting spreadsheet that had Max Baucus receiving over $7 million dollars from healthcare sources in the past 10 years :). Oh wait – Max Baucus is leading socialized medicine??? hmmm – how does that work?
      i have organized a huge event for us down here tomorrow and I will tell you that I have coordinated with everyone to ensure that they know we are not there to disrupt the meeting. The only people inflaming the situation has been the Floridians for Healthcare who sent out a lovely letter to their members rallying them to come & protest against the “crazies” – in their official literature or who has sent something similar out referring to us as radical extremists and, of course, the media who would love to see a Senior Citizen getting pounded on by a Union thug.
      I know who I am, Lars – and I know what kind of people I will associate myself with. I will give you a big report on Lady Libertas tomorrow and I know I owe you an answer to your post – I have had a phone attached to my head for days LOL. Thanks and HEY – when you see Tea Party Buses – now I would be interested in seeing those! 🙂

      • Lars Olsson says:

        Mmmm….so what did you think of how Barney Frank interacted with that woman at his meeting?

      • Antaia says:

        Barney Frankis not a good example for me to comment on – I find him arrogant and contemptuous of the American people. I presume that you mean the woman with the Hitler question? She was bizarre but at least calm and said why she was asking the question and his answer was equally rude. I could not put my finger on it with that woman – but I had the thought that she was a plant but my paranoia is running a bit high lately LOL. What did you think? Many people made comments and he wa pretty rude to everyone – I cannot figure out how he stays in office!

  4. azina says:

    This post has warmed the cockles of my heart, which is a completely bizarre expression but the only thing I felt could accurately convey my response. Thank you!

  5. Nevet1 says:

    Very well written, my dear. And I WILL NOT shut up! Not until my last dying breath will I shut up!!!

  6. Pingback: Twitted by penguinm

  7. Lars says:

    He stays in office the same way any other politician does: by convincing enough of the people that turn out to vote in his district that he is the best person for the job (or at least the best one on the ballot).

    You may sit in Florida, with your own political sensibilities, and think “how does that man stay in office” because you’re sure – and correct – that, if Mr. Frank’s constituency were comprised of people who thought like you, he wouldn’t. But the average voter in his district thinks markedly differently from the way you do.

    I would suggest that “rude” is often in the eye of the beholder. But I think that’s because there’s a great deal of difference between civility and decency, and it is in the unintentional conflation of these two terms – and the expectations such conflation produces – that the problem arises. Civility is something which is often highly praised in Washington, especially by conservatives when referring to loudmouthed liberals. “Civilized discourse,” they contend, often huffily, is something one must possess to be taken seriously and not castigated (regardless of the validity of one’s views). But civility, at bottom, is about manners. It is about the not-entirely-worthless notion that we be courteous and thoughtful to one another, even – or perhaps especially – in disagreement. But the problem with calls for civility amongst the political elite or conservative thought-leaders is that it’s not an honest call for manners. By using the word “civility,” it’s tarted up as a call for manners masquerading as a call for morals. And it is this primary confusion – whether intentional or not – which I reject.

    Actually, come to think of it, I would think (after reading the above) that YOU reject it, too. After all, you’ve just spent numerous paragraphs telling people whose beliefs differ from yours to repeatedly shut up. Elsewhere, in other posts, you’ve defended and even touted the virtues of shouting as “American dissent.” So I would think that it would not even register on your radar screen that Barney Frank was “rude” to that woman who asked the Nazi question. It might be worthwhile exploring why you feel it’s OK for citizens to shout down not only their representatives, but often other citizens as well, but recoil at Barney Frank’s answer to one constituent. But I digress. Opposed to (in my opinion) the false view of “civility” which includes some moral component, is the long-standing notion of decency. That’s a word that’s been much less used, and much less politicized. But it’s also a word which genuinely and authentically carries with it the concept of morality. It’s no accident that after so many years of terrorizing virtually the entire population with threats of HUAC and FBI investigations, Senator Joseph McCarthy was finally brought down not by the law or by any Sanford/Ensign missteps of his own doing, but by that single, vivid line from one of his questioners: “have you no decency left, sir? At long last have you left no decency?” It’s worth noting that the operative word was not civility, but decency. And the reason it was the final arrow which slew McCarthy’s insane red-chasing witch hunts was because it rang true; it went to the heart of what a lot of people had begun privately thinking without perhaps even being able to put a finger on it; that what was being done was no longer within the bounds of decency. It was perfectly civil – just as was the questioner who approached Barney Frank with the Nazi references. No voices were raised, no epithets hurled in anger, and whatever accusations were made were done in a measured tone, striving for the patina of reasonability.

    But the reason Barney Frank was right to react as he did is the same as the reason that the one line about decency is what finally felled McCarthy: because despite her complete and utter civility, what that woman was saying was way, WAY over the bounds of decency. Can you imagine accusing a Jew, no less, of supporting a “Nazi plan?” And not just any Nazi plan – google the specific ones she referenced; “T4.” It was quite clear that Frank was aware of them, and also aware of the amount of combing the archives for absolute paranoid, offensive wingnuttery she had had to do – or read the blog of someone else who’d done it – to come up with that particular reference. And whatever the merits or drawbacks of the health care plans being considered, all of them are SO FAR FROM anything remotely like the Nazis, Hitler or those plans of his, that such a question does not DESERVE the legitimacy which would be conferred upon it by a thoughtful answer. It is not only ridiculous, it is among a small handful of the most offensive things one could say in a public forum; to ask a Jew why he supports “Nazi policies” – like the ones which wiped out six million of his kin – perhaps some even from his extended family. Frank had every right to reach for a note of moral outrage and dismissiveness. He, too, did not raise his voice. And he kept his temper (which couldn’t have been easy) enough to praise the fact that we live in a place where the first amendment allows such offensive nonsense to be spewed publicly by an ordinary citizen to a powerful politician without fear of reprisal of any kind. And then he dispatched that either deluded, hateful or both woman in the only way appropriate to her question: by treating it – and her, in that moment – as if they were beneath his contempt…..because they were.

    Freakin’ bravo, Barney.

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