Death of Senator Ted Kennedy – End of an Era

Senator Edward Kennedy died early this morning, succumbing to the brain cancer that he had been fighting for the past year.  His death has closed the final door on Camelot and truly marks the end of an era.

While I may not agree with many of Senator Kennedy’s politics, Lady Libertas would like to recognize him as a Patriot that served the United States of America with passion.  He was part of Congress for almost 50 years.  I have been listening to the memorials being offered up by both parties and I am struck by how everyone, even if they did not like his politics, were able to admire his service and liked him as a person.

So, for today, for a few moments, we should set aside our differences and remember Senator Kennedy and the Kennedy family.  The Kennedy family has offered many of their sons in service to this country and have had them snatched from this world in more tragedies that we can count.  Now, their Patriarch has passed.  I will keep them in my prayers.

Godspeed, Senator Kennedy and I wish you a joyful reunion with your brothers and loved ones.


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