Thanks Mr. President, but I think we will PASS on 9/8

America is charging into the 8th month of Obama’s Presidency and the country is divided and shouting over the fence at each other.  Our elected officials have been sending out mixed messages about healthcare and engaging half of America by calling them derogatory names.  Townhalls have turned into shoutfests as the People attempt to share their frustration and concern over the direction of our country.

In the midst of the chaos, Obama decides to take a vacation.  For those of us suffering from Obama fatigue and over-exposure, we appreciated the break but the decision to take a vacation in the midst of this chaotic time is a bit puzzling.

Reid continues to threaten ramming the healthcare bill down our throats and Pelosi engages in a conversation with herself over the public option versus the inclusion of a trigger option.  Finally, her people took the microphone away and sent out a written statement…just to be clear.  Holder decides to pursue the CIA over torture, despite Obama’s reassurances months ago that they would not be looking back and Joe Biden is the front man to explain how the stimulus is working despite unemployment rising and only a small portion of the money being dispersed.  Green Czar Van Jones is revealed not only to be an avowed Communist but a 9/11 Truther leading many of us to wonder who has the privilege of whispering in the President’s ear.  We are told over and over that to dissent is not only un-American but racist as well.

Tension is the highest in the country that I ever remember in my life and into the midst of this, the President returns from vacation and announces genially that he will be making a speech to the children on 9/8 at school.  It was like throwing a hand grenade onto a bonfire.

My child is 12 years old and we are entering our second year of virtual school.  Virtual school means that we are provided a curriculum from the school district in conjunction with Nova University and my son attends school online.  I am able to assist and supplement and we have direct access to his teachers as well.  It is a great program and has worked well for my kiddo who was frequently bored in school.  I want to make my position clear personally on this speech – I will be watching it WITH my son.  We will then engage in a dialogue about the speech and the content and the controversy surrounding the speech.  This is how I have chosen to handle the situation.

Key to my personal decision is CHOICE.  This is my child and I get to choose how he is exposed to this speech and I get to be a part of the resulting dialogue.  For those parents who are deciding to keep their children home on 9/8, I concur completely.  I would do the same if he was at a brick and mortar school and then proceed to have him watch the speech at home, followed by a discussion.  The point is not that we are CRAZY for being mistrustful of the President’s speech and curriculum that is to follow, the point is that it is OUR CHOICE.

If the text was revealed ahead of time, this issue would go away.  Initially, the idea was sprung on everyone and was to include a pledge to assist the President.  NO WAY.  I find very little that this President represents that intersects with my own personal beliefs and the idea that I would allow my child to take any kind of pledge to HIM is….well, that is crazy.  The Department of Education hastily started backtracking and changing the attached curriculum but the damage was already done.

We have been treated to speeches from Obama about his civilian army, the idea of mandatory service, videos of children going through military like moves and chanting about Obama and we are expected to trust and embrace that this man is going to speak to our children unmonitored?  I don’t think so.  We have a right to make this choice for our children.  We have a RIGHT to CHOOSE to remove our children from the situation if we do not trust the information that will be given to them.

So, Lady Libertas has some suggestions for pleasant and educational ways to spend the days with your kiddos:

  • Have a Constitution Picnic – make a special picnic and read aloud the Constitution and discuss how this impacts them
  • Visit the library and take out books on the Founding Fathers to read at home
  • Pick an historical site in your town and visit with the kids
  • Talk with children about freedom and what it means to them
  • Write some letters to our Troops and mail them
  • I also suggest that parents review the speech and then allow children to watch it and talk about the content

Has this been blown out of proportion?  A bit BUT that is our prerogative, after all, our children and grandchildren are the reasons that many of us are out there fighting.

Have a lovely day and Lady Libertas will be happy to post ANY pictures from our Junior Patriots or stories of how you spent your day!


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4 Responses to Thanks Mr. President, but I think we will PASS on 9/8

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  2. Grandpa says:

    The only “right to choose” this president is interested in protecting or offering in regards to our children, is our right to murder them in abortion.
    Grandma and I have passed this article on to ALL of our politically active patriot friends…keep on proclaiming the truth and standing up for our rights!
    We shall overcome!

    • Kimberly says:

      Thanks Grandpa for stopping in and commenting! I have to agree that it boggles the mind that this President would come off this past month and then announce he wants to talk to our kids – Gets the Mama Bear right up! I watched the I Pledge video from Hollywood (check tomorrow for new blog post on that) and it actually talks about pledging to advance stem cell research and THAT was shown to kids. My son watched it and wanted to know why anyone would want to serve Obama? What a great question! Thanks again for your support!

  3. Martin says:

    Why would anyone object to the motherhood and apple pie which was in BOs speech.

    You are all mad

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