the Mad Man of the Desert visits the UN

With jaw dropping amazement, I  watched the Qaddafi speech in front of the United Nations.  It was like a train wreck or possibly the UN version of Jerry Springer (which could only have been more interesting if a baby mama had hurled herself at the podium).  This was the first time that the Libyan leader had addressed the United Nations.

Called the “Mad Man of the desert” by Ronald Reagan, Qaddafi did his very best to live up to the name.  He spoke for approximately 96 minutes and caused his interpreter’s head to explode, requiring another translator to step in.

The drama began weeks in advance with Qaddafi insisting that he wanted to pitch his tent in Central Park.  Then it appeared that he would be bunking with the Donald on the Trump property in Bedford, NY.  The tent was dismantled there for code violations – or possibly because most Americans, other than President Obama, are unhappy having a terrorist camping out next door.

Qaddafi from his standpoint seemed delightfully unaware as he shredded the UN Charter in front of the assembled delegates and tossed it over his shoulder and then called the Security Council the Terror Council.  He ranted about jet lag, demanded an investigation into the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King and also suggested that when Israel and Palestine merge, the new country could be called Isratine.  Obama apparently made a new friend though as Qaddafi called him a “son of Africa” and said that he wished for Obama to be President forever.  Another resounding endorsement from another Radical – Obama just attracts them like moths to a flame.

Qaddafi also weighed in on the Swine Flu: “The swine virus may have gotten out in the open after escaping from a laboratory. It may have been put together in a lab by the military…. We do sometimes make viruses in a laboratory and then they make viruses for capitalist companies who will make vaccinations and make money.”  Was it me – or do we need to explore this further and have someone check out what kind of viruses this guy is making for whatever reason?!

The Iraq War was called the “Mother of All Evils” and he demanded yet another investigation.  Qaddafi also claimed that 65 wars have occurred with no intervention from the UN.  As a swan song, after insulting almost every represented country in the room, he generously offered Libya as a new site for UN Headquarters, apparently stilled peeved about the jet lag.


Despite the praise directed at Obama, there was no meeting between the two leaders.  Thankfully, Obama’s apology tour did not include milk and cookies with this terrorist…yet.  Who knows though what the future will hold? After all, Qaddafi is hanging with another of Obama’s ardent supporters, Hugo Chavez.

Qaddafi flew to Venezuela from New York and met with Hugo Chavez.  They have concocted an agreement between the two of them that calls for new definitions of terrorism and plans are in the works for a new NATO styled alliance – PDISOS – Psycho Dictators in Support of Socialism.

Qaddafi calls himself an Islamic Socialist and was thought to have supported the murder of 270 people in the Lockerbee bombing.  He also has a long history of harboring terrorists.  It appears that Qaddafi was quite comfortable with a brother Socialist, Chavez.

All of this begs the question form Lady Libertas: Qaddafi and Chavez – are they Obama’s frenemies or mentors?


Conan O’Brien spoof on Qaddafi Speech

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  1. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

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