Where in the world has Lady Libertas been?


Lady Libertas has been MIA a bit on Twitter and even on the blog here so I thought I would update everyone on what has been going on!

I am so floored by the wonderful readers that have added Lady Libertas to their daily reads and referred me as well.  In just over three months, Lady Libertas will hit 5000 visits.  It is very exciting!  Many of my readers come from Twitter but Lady Libertas has gone into many outlets on the Web and has new referrers daily.

The big news is:  I am preparing for a move from Florida to Utah so I am getting posts up as I can.  I will be in Utah by the end of October.  I have missed the cold weather (can you believe it?!) since I left London and I am very much looking forward to this new adventure.  I lived for 2 years in Phoenix and I love the West – plus, Utah has an awesome Conservative Population that I am excited to connect with!  My munchkin and I have been busy packing and confirming plans and it is a go!  As well, Lady Libertas is an amateur nature photographer and I am delighted to have some new material to focus on.  Mountains!

Due to the economy & some personal challenges, I am also working on officially launching my own business in November.  Healthcare Recruitment has taken an enormous dive (thanks Obama!) so my partner and I are working on an Internet Marketing business to be unveiled in November as well.  My 40th birthday at the end of September brought some intensely difficult personal issues to a head and also opened doors of incredible potential.

There are several exciting projects that I am working on that I would like to share.  I will be working as a Political Editor for 73 Wire which is a new online news site that is set to launch on 11/4/09. Eric Odom of American Liberty Alliance is spearheading this project and we are SO excited.  Alot of work is going on behind the scenes to get ready for the launch.  HuffPo is our target competition.  Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for Conservative news items – a place to be while you are drinking your morning coffee.  Please bookmark it and stay tuned for the launch and make sure to check us out on twitter as well!

73wire.com and 73 Wire on Twitter

The other exciting project that I will be involved in is the podcast that is being launched by the Persistent Conservative.  I guest blog for The Persistent Conservative and I will be a guest host for their new podcast which should be launching in the next few weeks.  I was so tickled to be asked to be involved and the Persistent Conservative Podcast is being launched by Scot Cerullo (@magician2012 on twitter) and Collin (@zombieshootout on Twitter).  They are hard at work getting the Podcast “studio” set up and stay tuned for details to follow soon!

So, it has been a very busy few weeks and add in personal mini-crisis’ and I have been rocking and rolling :).  Again, I appreciate my readers SO much and all of the wonderful people that I have met in the past few months.  Look for changes coming to Lady Libertas as well before the end of the year!

Rock on, Patriots!  We are making a difference & I am so proud to be fighting the good fight with all of you!

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2 Responses to Where in the world has Lady Libertas been?

  1. Utah is beautiful, especially in the winter. Utah has a strange variety of “conservative”, though, and it may not agree with your tastes.

  2. Dear Writer,

    Next month, the editors of LastingLiberty.com are launching a new page on the website titled Your Voice. The page will feature the best article submissions sent to LastingLiberty for review. These articles will be posted on the website, and those authors who attract the most readership during the year will be invited to contribute to our print newsletter.
    The editors of LastingLiberty have noticed your interest in politics and your distinct writing style. We encourage you to submit an article for review for publication. The article should be an original commentary on a current issue. Please limit your piece to less than 1000 words and provide accurate contact information in case the editors choose to publish your article.
    You may go directly to the article submission page by visiting
    or by navigating to the submission page through

    We look forward to hearing from you,

    LastingLiberty Team

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