The Torch has landed…in Utah!

Thank you to all the readers of Lady Libertas who have been so patient as I have blinked in and out the past few weeks during my move.  The new beginning is in sight as I sit and try not to gnaw my arm off waiting for the tech to connect the Internet but word is that this coming Monday will get me fully back online.  Relief!

Before I do ANYTHING else, I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to rdickerhoof (@rdickerhoof on Twitter and Conservative Solutions Blog) who honored me tremendously in a piece about…well, me.

Ron is a special light in the Conservative community on Twitter – our very own Troll Patrol and I was speechless by his kind words and sentiments – even made me cry!  Lady Libertas has been blessed by the friendship of so many Patriots as we forge the Conservative Revolution.  Please check out his blog and his twitter – Ron is intelligent and articulate and puts the Lib Trolls in their place in a gentle yet no-nonsense manner.  He never fails in politeness wrapped in steel as he defends America, Conservative values and those he counts as friends.  I feel lucky to be in that last category!

Good things are coming – I am always in awe of #tcot on Twitter and how quickly the Conservative movement is growing.  We have not lost steam this fall, instead we are gaining ground.

Witnessing the election returns in New Jersey and Virginia was exactly what we needed to show us that the hard work of the past few months IS paying off.  We have raised our voices, moved to action and we are seeing results.  There is no stopping us now!

I am so tickled to announce that the 73Wire website has had a soft launch – please come by and visit as we are getting it off the ground – – and bookmark us as your future morning coffee news source!  As well, we are looking for writers so come on Patriots – get in touch!  Lady Libertas is a Political Editor for 73Wire and tickled to be part of such a groundbreaking project!

The Persistent Conservative has had a soft launch of the first few podcasts and Lady Libertas will be joining Scot Cerullo (@magician2012) and Collin (@zombieshootout) in the coming weeks on the podcast – The Persistent Conservative – this is such an exciting opportunity and I cannot ask for two better Patriots to be on air with!  Stop by and read the blog and check out the podcast – we want to hear from you!

So, I will see everyone back on Twitter and in the Blogosphere soon – relying on a weak and open signal has about done my head in – I cannot believe that we used to be excited about dial-up!

Utah is gorgeous and there is immense satisfaction in living in a state that voted 2 in 3 AGAINST Obama for President.  Red States Rock!

Hang tight, Patriots – We are taking our country back!



Provo, Utah - Lady Libertas' new home!


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