A Job Summit of Tax Cheats & Socialists

Lady Libertas got a bit of a giggle today when I read Pres. Obama’s schedule for today.  It is good to start the morning with comedy.
  • 9:30AM: President Obama and Vice President Biden receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
  • 10:00AM: President Obama and Vice President Biden receive the Economic Daily Briefing
  • 1:30PM: President Obama delivers remarks at opening session of the Jobs and Economic Growth Forum
  • 3:45PM: President Obama delivers remarks and leads discussion at closing session of the Jobs and Economic Growth Forum
  • 5:00PM: The first family attends the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony
Obama will don his Superman cape – dash into his Job Summit in a single bound and with his staff of Socialists and Tax Cheats, they will solve all of America’s job issues IN JUST THREE HOURS.
One moment while Lady Libertas goes and gets the shovel.  I want to be shovel ready – READY TO SHOVEL THE MANURE.  It is about waist deep now.  My understanding is that the purpose of ramming the $787 billion dollar stimulus plan up our down our throats was to create jobs….
From Feb. 3, 2009 – USA TODAY – (See article here)
The Congressional Budget Office says Obama’s economic stimulus package of spending programs and tax cuts would create 1.2 million to 3.6 million jobs. The economic consulting firm IHS Global Insight puts the number at 2.6 million.
The administration estimates that unemployment would be 7% at the end of 2010 — barely below the current 7.2% rate.
“The bottom line is this: You’ve got a piece of legislation that creates jobs,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said after several questions. “The latest statistics based on the economic reports show that 90% of these jobs are private-sector jobs.”
And yet here we are at 10.2%, following the created and saved jobs scam  The Washington Examiner is even tracking the stimulus jobs NOT really saved or created – see article here.  Obama and his Team of Socialists & Cheats have applied their new math and genuinely expected the American people to fall for it.
“Yes!  We have created jobs … we just can’t find them at the moment.  nononono … haha … they are not lost!  They are … Hey!  Look there’s Elvis and he’s with Ted Kennedy!!”
SO, today there will be more baiting and switching talking.  That is what a summit is for after all and that is what Obama does best – Talk Talk Blame Bush Talk Talk Talk.
Obama talks about how things are getting better which I am sure reassures all those out of work, those looking for work, those who have given up hope of finding work, those afraid that they will be laid off today or tomorrow and those who are doing the work of 4 people because most of the company has already been laid off.
Obama talks about Bush and blames the Bush administration for the economic turmoil.
Obama talks and conveniently forgets that he was part of the Congress that sanctioned the really bad decisions that were made by Bush, as was the Speaker of the House and the Vice President…oh yes, and the Secretary of State.
Obama talks and it all starts to sound like blah blah blah (kind of like the adults in Charlie Brown!) because he and Joe tell us that things are better!  And there is no evidence.  Certainly, as Americans prepare for a tough Christmas, many have given up hope of real relief occurring.  And Obama keeps talking.
Can anyone blame us that we are all feeling a bit cynical?  Even the polls reflect it …
The Winston Group’s New Models National Survey revealed the shift in the most recent poll. Asked if the state of the economy is “more the result of President Obama’s policies or President Bush’s policies,” the public is evenly divided at 42 percent for each as recently as October. 
In July Bush was still getting the blame, 56 percent to Obama’s 29 percent. “The public may have held Bush more responsible earlier in the year, but as of the beginning of October, it was at parity with Obama’s policies. This should be very concerning for the White House. President Obama is just now beginning to fully own the economy, and we have already seen significant drops in his job approval,” said Winston pollster Myra Miller.

Here is the poll:

Do you think that at this point, the state of the economy if more the result of Pres. Obama’s policies or Pres. Bush’s policies?

July 2009 Oct. 2009
President Obama’s policies 29 42
President Bush’s policies 56 42
Don’t Know 15 16

The Obama Administration is also fond of claiming that the GOP has no solutions.  No Solutions is quite different than not inviting the GOP to the table and ignoring them.  As a matter of fact, Minority Whip Eric Cantor held a discussion at the Heritage Foundation yesterday that was a common sense approach.  I watched it live on Facebook and you can read about it here.

Basically, Cantor outlined steps to job creation, including a freeze on federal tax increases until unemployment is below 5%, reforming the unemployment system so that people can get education or training for a new job, and stopping the spending.
Lady Libertas can sum it up even easier than that:

Americans want jobs, not welfare.

Create jobs for Americans, not jobs for Bureaucrats.


Obama and his team of Socialists and Tax Cheats are meeting today to discuss jobs.  for three hours.  they are calling it a Summit.

Make no mistake, folks – this is a Second “Stimulus” plan and he will be asking for billions to fund it.  Combined with his first “Stimulus” plan (FAIL) and the proposed healthcare plan (SOON TO FAIL) – Obama has spent trillions this year and placed us in debt for the foreseeable future with no Hopium left…


Lady Libertas has just one question –

President Obama – do we look like Mrs. Obama??????

SNL skit with Chinese President

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