Merry Christmas Wishes from Lady Libertas

Christmas has always been a magickal time of the year for me.  It meant lots of family gatherings, yearly repeats of favorite traditions and, of course, Santa Claus!  The sights and sounds of Christmas are the best; the carols, the smell of incense at midnight Mass, laughter and the dull roar of family, children squealing with delight over gifts and the smells…well, heavenly comes close.

We would take late night rides to look at the lights, armed with hot chocolate and Christmas music blaring from the car radio.  I still have the same stocking that was used for my first Christmas that my Grandmother made.  I can tell you the stories behind every ornament on my Mom’s tree.

This year is a challenging Christmas in many ways.  My son and I are a country away from the family in Florida and Delaware.  Having been a casualty of the Bush/Obama economy, Mommy Santa is tight this year.  My best friend that I live with in Utah is dealing with his first Christmas without his Mom and away from his family as well.  On top of personal challenges, there are the national challenges that have made their mark in the past year and the vote that will change the face of our country tomorrow morning.

But as I sit here and listen to the amazing Mormon Tabernacle Choir, my heart swells.  I am blessed.  I have my son and my best friend that I get to cook for and spoil all weekend.  I will spend lots of time on the phone touching base with family all over the country.  I can walk outside into the cold (and I mean cold) and crisp air and see the intensely beautiful snow covered mountains.  I have everything that I need.

I believe in my ability to survive even the tough times.  And I believe in America the same way.  We are survivors.  Liberty and love for our country races through our blood.  The challenges of the past year have not broken us but have forged our combined Will into a truly United front that is preparing to fight for everything that our Founding Fathers fought for so many years ago.

As we all gather in the next few days, set aside the fight for a few moments.

Take strength from the love of your families.

Remember our Troops who are further away from home than any of us and fighting for our freedoms every day.

Laugh alot, spread hugs and kisses, offer up prayers and gather your families close and tell them you love them.  These are the most important gifts that cost nothing and that no one can take away.

From Lady Libertas to all of you…

I wish you a very Happy Christmas.  I feel blessed to have made such wonderful connections this year.  You are all in my prayers!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and May Santa bring you all that wish for this year!!!!!!!!

I will be taking my own advice and taking a break for a few days.  My son is turning 13 on Saturday 🙂 so we will be spending the next few days without Mommy attached to the computer.

SMOOCHES and stay tuned for the next installment on the Conservative Youth Project and my interview with Brad Marston coming early next week!

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas Wishes from Lady Libertas

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  2. Kim V says:

    Thank you, what good advice you’ve offered here. I think I’ll take it, and let go of the endless politics for the next few days.

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