From the Front Lines of Revolution – Kansas City, Missouri

Lady Libertas was sent some absolutely darling pics of Sen. Claire McCaskill  from Revolutionary Tweeps this morning…

You are all familiar with Claire “If we don’t pass this thing, it’s Armageddon.” McCaskill – the freshman Democratic Senator from Missouri.  Claire has learned quick about fence riding and falling in line with Harry Reid’s diabolical plans no matter what her constituents say.

What a fitting memorial…one might even say…Revolutionary…

Claire printing more money for Armageddon?

Claire at the Federal Reserve

Claire at the Office

Claire at the Cheesecake Factory - Everybody likes cheesecake, right?!

Claire at Crown Center

Downtown Claire

Claire loves Thai

Claire has officially joined the Joker Club … right alongside the other bastions of Socialism who are ready to sell the American People down the river … Lady Libertas thinks it is a great look for her – What do YOU think?

SMOOCHES to our Patriots in Kansas City!!!!!

Lady Libertas is happy to post other reports from the Front Lines of Revolution – Contact me via Twitter!

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8 Responses to From the Front Lines of Revolution – Kansas City, Missouri

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  2. liberty!!!!!!!!! equality!!!!!!!!!!!! brotherhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Linny Buck says:

    Wow, this is awesome! These are some true REVOLUTIONARIES and Lady Libertas told it the right way. I guess I am not the only really smart person in Kansas City who thinks Claire McCaskill is absolutely the biggest Obama’s Joker there is! She is Obama’s talking points all over. I think she has been hynotized as well. Incredible how she has crookedly carried on this position with so much corruption in her folder. Need any of it, I’ll be happy to bring it out! And I have the proof.

    Thanks Lady Libertas, You are a true PATRIOT!

    • Kimberly says:

      Linny – Words cannot express how AWESOME I think KC Patriots are – you all are on the front lines for sure and anything you have on Claire – share it so we can all see her for what she really is – a JOKER! SMOOCH!

  5. Karen Fesler says:

    KC Patriots ARE awesome. Looked like it was a cold night and these true Patriots are out there for us. Mega-dittoes to these outstanding Patriots…and @clairecmc….You never looked so good, darling!

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