Lady Libertas Salutes Scott Brown – Republican Senator of Massachusetts!

Lady Libertas is savoring this moment … this day … January 19, 2010.  The day that Massachusetts – one of the bluest states (said on twitter: “Massachusetts is bluer than a suffocating smurf”) … one of the bluest states came out and said No More.  And voted accordingly, sending Scott Brown to the US Senate.

wow.  WOW.  WOW!!!!!!!!

Lady Libertas would like to salute Scott Brown and his team on running a fantastic campaign and really making people feel that this was “the people’s seat” and that he will represent them in that spirit.

My favorite quote of the night from Scott Brown’s acceptance speech : “In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.”

I also liked the bit where he challenged Obama to a basketball game – lol – Go get him, Scott & Ayla!

So, to Scott Brown and his family and his team – Lady Libertas Salutes You!

I am also sending out a Lady Libertas Salute to all of you – YOU (except for the moonbats who read this and leave death threats) – all of US.  We tweeted and blogged and tweeted and blogged and donated time and energy and money to put someone in office that we could believe in.

Most importantly, Lady Libertas Salutes the People of Massachusetts.  Thank you for voting your hearts and not just your party.  Thank you for getting out there in the snow and cold to send Scott Brown to DC where he will make a difference for ALL of US.

One of the best tweets of the night:

It started in 1775 in Massachusetts. Here we are again in 2010. The beginning of another revolution. God Bless America!

This is the fourth election that has shown America that we can make a difference.  That each of us rising up for Liberty makes a difference!

2010 is the Year of Revolution and Lady Libertas calls VICTORY in the first battle!

Tomorrow, the next battle and one of the most critical begins…the battle to get Scott Brown seated as quickly as possible.  Scott is our 41st vote AGAINST healthcare and the Dems will pull every scheme out of their bag of tricks to try and pass healthcare before Scott Brown can get to DC.  We must make sure that cannot happen.  We MUST apply pressure immediately and heavily to get Scott Brown seated NOW.

There is a site up already – Seat Senator Brown Now – get on there and sign the petition!

Let’s make sure that Scott Brown’s vote AGAINST healthcare counts!

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2 Responses to Lady Libertas Salutes Scott Brown – Republican Senator of Massachusetts!

  1. Dave Kasold says:

    Excellent as always LL-
    The Brown victory belongs to regular traditional Americans…those whom formed our tea parties! Thank God Mass. still has enough of them there! Seat Scott now! No more games Dems….read the handwriting on the wall!

    I believe that the spin will have the GOP claiming too much credit, and the liberal media claiming this as an anomaly due to a weak candidate.

    2009 brought us very, very close to a total collapse of the American way of life. It was a whispers breath away from happening. It would have happened but for the resolve of the American spirit. That spirit manifested itself in the form of the tea party groups we see have arisen in virtually every corner of our country.

    The tea party movement was there to actually fight to stop the forced mandates of this administration and refuse to concede to the false perception they painted.

    We cannot rest though. The czars and the corrupt criminal enterprises like ACORN are going to be licking their wounds and coming at us all the harder trying to reclaim some or any credibility.

    Their liberal allies especially in the media will be charged with rescuing the Obama presidency who will continue to push his radical transformations by any method they can dream up.

    Today was a great and victorious battle that we won. The campaign is far from over, yet this could very well be the turning point. It is a certainty that the tea party has muscle now, its up to us all to keep the pressure on and to ensure that the agenda we have seen has no chance of success, and that those who have advocated stealing our liberty are tossed from office, and replaced with true patriots!

    Illinois has an important primary coming up on Feb. 2nd a RINO, Mark Kirk and a conservative Patrick Hughes….fight fiercely!

    • Kimberly says:

      Dave – these are all fantastic points! Scott Brown going to DC is a victory but only of the battle not of the Revolution! And our Tea Party groups need to be excited, take the momentum and keep going – Thanks for stopping in!!!!!!!!!!!
      I like that – Fight Fiercely …. yes.

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