Scott Brown & #41stVote – The People’s Tweets

Scott Brown was definitely the Massachusetts Miracle.  As the dust settles, Lady Libertas has been interested to see not only the reaction to the Brown victory but also the analysis of the Brown victory.  Many components came together in this special election to provide an impetus for a Republican victory: healthcare, the economy, a well run Scott Brown campaign, a poorly run Martha Coakley campaign.

But how was it that a virtually unknown Massachusetts state Senator went from a 30 point lag in the polls in November to an indisputable victory & national fame in January?   Social Media.

The same Social Media drove an Obama victory and “hip” image in election 2008.  Although the platforms may have been the same, the people driving those platforms for Brown versus Obama were very, very different.  Conservatives quickly caught on that they needed to update their online skills after election 2008 and they began using those favored Social Media platforms against Obama and the Left.

As the Tea Party Movement and Conservative grassroots activism caught fire in 2009, Social Media became the hub for Conservatives organizing, distributing message and airing grievances with the Obama Administration – particularly on Twitter and Facebook.  We took to political activism & social media like ducks to water.  CNN even released a story in August called “Liberal Bloggers admit Conservatives have upper hand on Twitter“.  By 2010, we can say that more Libs use #tcot than their own lefty leaning (and super boring) hashtags.

Lady Libertas has been blessed to have connected with a wonderful community of Conservatives and Tea Partiers and all-around amazing people via Twitter and Facebook.

One of these amazing people is John LaRosa aka @jslconsulting on Twitter.  John is a Political and Business Consultant and Social Media Guru guy in real life (see John’s Blog Here!) – but in Twitterverse, John is the #41stvote guy.  Being a Boston resident and Massachusetts native, John had a vested interest in getting onboard with the Scott Brown campaign and turned that vested interest into the twitter hashtag #41stvote. “I did not have interaction with the campaign staff,” John says. “I just ran with it. Lots of people like me just ran with it.”

Coming out of Christmas, national interest and momentum began building around the Brown campaign, due in part to the volunteer Scott Brown Tweet Brigades and Conservative bloggers that started talking up Scott.  Lady Libertas knows because I was there … tweeting and blogging my little radical right revolutionary heart out and tagging it all with #41stvote.

Scott Brown became more than the Republican candidate running for Ted Kennedy’s seat – he became our 41st vote in the Senate that could defeat the Democratic filibuster that was preparing to ram healthcare down our collective throats.  Scott Brown and #41stvote went viral.

Influential Conservative tweeters not in Massachusetts began picking up the tweets coming from the Massachusetts tweeters and began pushing Scott Brown under the #41st vote.  Twitter Grader for @scottbrownma illustrates the momentum behind the Tweet campaigns, with Scott at one point picking up 5000 followers in two days.  John’s #41stvote hashtag was in the top five of the tweet cloud for @scottbrownma.

John’s analysis of the impact of the volunteer Twitterverse support: “When there is a community of like minded ‘tweeters’ in place, a solid value proposition like #41stVote can go viral very quickly. People from every state, the vast majority of whom had serious reservations about the content and mechanics of the health care bill, realized that it was in their immediate personal interest—and the overall national interest–to support Scott Brown’s candidacy. This shared concern exploded into a frenzy of grassroots and social media activity when Rasmussen released a poll showing Brown within single digits of Coakley. Urgency met viability. This led to massive online fundraising, a flood of main stream media coverage and unstoppable political momentum.”

On January 5, Rasmussen released their poll stating that Brown was only trailing Coakley by nine points.  John says it perfectly: “Rasmussen is on Twitter and that poll got spread by everybody who follows politics.  Every political junkie said ‘wow, this guy has a chance in the most liberal state.’ They all became reporters.”

Not only did we become reporters but we were able to see how we could make a difference by involving ourselves in a campaign.  The Scott Brown victory has proven that the two wins in November 2009 for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia were not flukes.  We have not lost momentum – in fact, we are picking up speed and our target is clear:  November 2010.

Scott Brown went on to an incredible victory on January 19 but the final analysis comes with a message for YOU – for all of you who have abandoned your families and spare time to focus on politics – for all of you who have made taking back our country their full time job – for all of you who tweet and blog and facebook and set up powerful and invaluable networks:

YOU are the heart of Democracy.

YOU are the engine of Revolution.

YOU are the power of Change.

and WE have only just begun.  Lady Libertas Salutes YOU – I am honored to be working next to Patriots that crisscross our beautiful country.

Lady Libertas also Salutes the Scott Brown Campaign for an Awesome Campaign and unbelievable hard work!

Lady Libertas would like to recognize some of the outstanding patriots on Twitter who drove the Scott Brown campaign on a volunteer basis.  Everyone worked so hard – retweeting and posting links and brainstorming on strategies to get the #41stvote message out over and over again.  I will not be able to recognize everyone so PLEASE, leave a comment and a twitter address of anyone that I missed …and please make sure that you are following these awesome activists!

Lady Libertas Salutes the People’s Tweets!

@jslconsulting ~ @NorsU ~ @Loxodonta ~ @BradMarston ~ @LadyImpactOhio ~ @JimmyMcIver ~ @hipEchik ~ @STXherry ~ @bobbie85710 ~ @someguynamedpat ~ @WMassRepub ~ @tjholthaus ~ @Conservativeind ~ @bowlmeoverva ~ @bccohan ~ @midlifechick @beesnguns ~ @kamaainaInOC ~ @mnbodden ~ @Raging_Red ~ @ScottOnCapeCod ~ @jana_1977 ~ @tnright ~ @jimofma ~ @sammiesmiles8 ~@zombieshootout

Please Use the Comments to add Tweeps who deserve recognition and I will add them in!

John has started another new hashtag #Code41 – Keep the Momentum Going! See you there!

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21 Responses to Scott Brown & #41stVote – The People’s Tweets

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  2. John LaRosa says:

    Lady Libertas: Thank you for the kudos and links. This was a true grassroots effort. You (and scores of other patriotic Americans) made it happen. Let’s ALL “keep this truck rolling” across the country with a combination of traditional and online activism!

  3. nana49 says:

    I am so encouraged by this, no longer feel “alone” and was so excited to see it all “build” right before my eyes on Twitter. I have so much hope that we can truly make a difference and that with our participation in this process my grandchildren will grow up in the same America that I did. This movement has even encouraged my husband, a non-computer/social networking retirement-aged man to join in. He tweets little so far, but checks several times a day to see what the rest of us have said or retweeted and follows links to information, videos, blogs, etc. In turn, he shares that with his friends and many of them are now interested in following along to see what THEY can do. We simply have to make sure that this form of communication and teamwork continues for our good and that of all our families and our country.

    • Kimberly says:

      Nana – that is why this is Democracy in Action – I really feel like Social Media has given us our voices back to be able to affect change & be heard all the time rather than just through elections!
      I am so excited when I hear stories like yours – I agree – We do not have to feel alone and our activism is providing us with an awesome support system!
      Tweet me! 🙂

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  5. John S says:

    Good analysis. It will be fascinating to see how social media might affect elections going forward, particularly when it’s Election Day itself, with so many varying candidates to support.

    To see everyone come together at the last minute, it really speaks to the ‘momentum’ factor which is so fundamental to winning a campaign–social media has taken that to the next level. The other thing is that it was all at the last minute, that itself being a huge driving factor for rallying support behind Scott Brown.

    • Kimberly says:

      John – Thanks so much for stopping in! I agree – it will be very interesting to see how crowded the pathways will get but the momentum that we are all able to generate is incredible. One of the reasons that the White House is looking for a Twitter Czar. lol.

  6. LadyImpactOhio says:

    Kimberly, thanks for the recognition. This is a great analysis and everyone all over the country worked very hard on this, and we succeeded!

    But you forgot one thing: you didn’t add yourself! to the list.

    Here’s to @ladylibertas93, for an outstanding blog and assistance with getting Scott Brown into office.

    • Kimberly says:

      @LadyImpactOhio – YOU ROCK! 🙂 Thanks for the comments and kudos but the hard work that we all did is my take away – I am so proud to be fighting next to you! 🙂

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  9. Deb says:

    Great Article! Sometimes I do get leery of going too public with our united efforts on the SM when I read articles like this…but I guess Scott Brown proved I shouldn’t worry…..:) And I totally agree with not feeling alone. I have met the most wonderful, caring people on twitter-it’s like a family! really glad to know you, especially! keeping you in my prayers…

    • Kimberly says:

      Thanks Deb! You rock! We have coalesced into a wonderful movement with strong networks – we should be proud of it! We are making change happen!

    • John LaRosa says:

      Deb–The great part about tags like #41stVote and #Code41 is that they are not sponsored by any candidate, Party, organization or interest group. For example, neither Scott Brown nor his paid social media staff knew anything about #41stVote until it went viral. I’m just a regular tweeter, a patriotic citizen who wants his country back. I saw social media, and Twitter specifically, as a way to make a difference.

      So when (hopefully) Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow call “the #Code41 crowd” a bunch of GOP-funded racists, I can say: “That’s funny, MSNBC loons, I never got the check…and how do explain my support for Les Phillip and Allen West?”

      The far left and MSM cannot label hash tag users in the same way they have demonized the Tea Parties and other conservative grassroots movements. Who’s in charge? Nobody…and everybody! If anyone criticizes you for using #Code41 just paraphrase Scott Brown:

      “With all due respect, it’s not the Brown tweet and it’s not a Party tweet…It’s The People’s Tweet!”

  10. Loxodonta Solitarius says:

    Thanks, Kimberly.

    One of my volunteer tasks on the Brown campaign was correcting tweets to New Zealand artist ScottBrown that were meant for ScottBownMA and then explaining the difference to the tweeter as nicely as I could. But the names are so similar, there were lots of misdirected tweets & the poor Kiwi is still getting them.

    I’ve since done correcting on other Twitter names, including GOP candidates & politically active tweeple. I’ve even corrected yours at least once when the the 93 was left off of ladylibertas93.

    Sometimes, the silliest things happen on Twitter.

    Sincerely, NOT Loxodonta, but Loxodonta_s!

    • Kimberly says:

      Loxodonta_s! You are a marvelous gentleman and someone I have been so pleased to meet on Twitter! You were a Tweeting Super Hero with @scottbrownma and I am looking forward to us tweeting some other fantastic candidates into office!
      Thank you for being the Twitter Editor – good grief, what a job! 🙂

  11. Loxodonta Solitarius says:

    Dear Kimberly:

    Thank you for your kind words. Monitoring & editing a candidate’s Twitter feed may seem tiresome, but it’s important to catch & correct mistakes before they get multiplied across the Twitterverse. People make mistakes. I certainly do. If I don’t make at least one mistake a day, I consider that a… ummm… misteak!

    Another little editing point I found helpful was to change the candidate’s name from scottbrownma to ScottBrownMA when RTing. I can have comprehension problems when doing a lot of reading. For me, the capitalization helps me perceive that it’s Scott Brown from MA. And perhaps this helps others, too. So, when I tweet for candidates, I tend to edit names to include capitalization. It’s easier for old eyes & feeble brains like mine to pick out, understand & identify ChuckDeVore as a real person, instead of chuckdevore as just another Twitter link.

    Then, there is the issue of making original tweets & editing ReTweets to be as brief as possible, preferably at or less than one hundred characters, and using the shortest possible link reducer, but still keeping the tweet as understandable as possible, without too many Twitter abbreviations, for easier ReTweeting & comprehension, which, as you can see by my comments in your blog, is a particular challenge for me. o_O

    Please try 2 keep Tweets & RTs short, 100 char or less, 4 easier RTing. Tough 4 me 2, but try. OK? 😉

    Finally (Thank you, God!) there’s the issue of team building:

    RTing candidate supporters, and mentioning, following & listing candidate supporters, is very important for team building. What does it say to a supporter who tweets for a candidate day after day, week after week, if they are rarely if ever RTed, mentioned, thanked or followed back by the candidate or the candidate’s staff & main supporters? To me, it says the campaign does not relate to or treat supporters as important.

    ScottBrownMA & his most active supporters were very good at RTing, thanking & following tweeple who tweeted for Scott, regardless of their TCOT ranking, Klout ranking, or number of followers. Every voter is a person. Every vote counts. Every tweet & tweeter counts.

    And as John LaRosa of @JSLConsulting notes, #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag !

    But times change, people change & hashtags change, so…

  12. Erica Coyle says:

    Great post and I agree, it is us the people on the social networks that made the difference. See my blog!!!!!! I wrote about Scott Brown [Senator] excuse me! Several times!! Thank you for your diligence and support of Bill Johnson of KY. He is another one that deserves our support and I challenge all those that tweeted, facebooked for Brown, DeVore and the many others to join us on these sites and make it happen again. Bill is on twitter at @billjohnson2010 or you can visit his web site and rally support. Rand Paul has attempted to co-opt the tea party movement here in KY and Trey Grayson is just another career politician wanting to carry the torch forward for the RINOs that we are trying to rid DC of! On Facebook, there is a group..Kentucky Tea Partiers for Bill Johnson..consider joining, Lets send another grassroots to DC that will be “our voice” as we continue to challenge the foes we are facing in DC!

  13. KYTeeParti says:

    I can’t possibly add to Erica’s comments other than to say that Bill Johnson is simply the finest Republican Senate candidate we have had since Jim Bunning or before. Decent, knowledgable, prepared, experienced, humble, ethical, and with impeccable judgement. Trust, leadership, confidence, true grit. He truly represents the national Grassroots movement as being separate and apart from the political machines supporting Grayson and Paul.
    We cannot afford more of the same in D.C.

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