Lady Libertas – The New Czar of NO

Lady Libertas has just posted on Right Pundits “Sorry Senator Reid, No Job Bill for You” and I have also been so inspired by that post to add yet another title to my repertoire.

Heretoafter Lady Libertas will also be officially known as the Special Envoy from The White House to

the Party of NO, aka the Czar of NO.

I am really digging this new gig.

From the Desk of the Special Envoy from the White House to the Party of NO, the Czar of NO

NO More Spending.  It’s gone, OK?  like. gone.

NO counting in Trillions or Billions or Bazillions or Gadzillions.

NO Stimulus or Son of Stimulus or Stimulus Gone Wild.

NO Arse Kissing of Terrorists.

NO Constitutional Rights for Terrorists that are not even American Citizens.

NO Apologies to the World.  (except about Joe Biden’s murderous motorcade.  OOPS – Sorry!)

NO GOD Complexes – Get HELP – Don’t we have a Mental Health Czar??

NO more Socialism or Communism or Anti-Americanism.

NO more government takeovers of ANYTHING.

NO promises of Transparency from behind a closed door with a deadbolt and no windows.

NO Jobless Recovery.

NO Damn High Speed Rail that is being funded and does not exist.

No calls for bipartisanship while crossing your fingers behind your back.

NO more botox or nose jobs, Nancy – your face is stretched tighter than a duck’s bottom.


And Lady Libertas, The Czar of NO is just getting started.

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I am all about the Party of NO if it means NO MORE STUPIDITY.

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2 Responses to Lady Libertas – The New Czar of NO

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  2. sasoc says:

    Great post, made me laugh out loud.

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