Liberal Spin on a Disaster – Left Claiming Joseph Stack is Tea Party Member

Lady Libertas is once again completely flabbergasted by the machinations of the Left and how the Main Stream Media falls right in line with their lies.

There was a horrible disaster today.  A man in Texas apparently had a psychotic break, set his house on fire, left a car bomb in his car in the airport and then flew a plane into an IRS building.  It is gut wrenching … shocking … and the Left immediately jumped on it and began claiming that the guy who did all this, Joseph Andrew Stack is a Tea Party member and evidence of how unhinged we all are.

Here are some of the salient stories so far…

  • A person by the name of EMILY WALTERS set up a Facebook Account in Joseph’s Stack name and put a picture of the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and the Jefferson Tree of Liberty Quote – Bungalow Bill has a screenshot (bless his heart) on his blog of the facebook page that Emily Walters set up to make it look like Joseph Stack was a Tea Party person – My Question now: WHO IS EMILY WALTERS?  A radical Ellie Light?  Definitely a Liar.
  • Donald Borsch (intrepid Blogger at Right Pundits where you also see me) was the one who called me about the Fake Facebook Page – He has a post up here with additional links on Right Pundits – He asks the right question:Who is Emily Walters, and why would she create a Facebook page for a dead man? It seems suspiciously convenient for her to place several TEA Party-ish and right-wing links and articles onto that FB page, now doesn’t it?”
  • New York magazine online makes the following statement in their report, speaking about the suicide letter: “In fact, a lot of his rhetoric could have been taken directly from a handwritten sign at a tea party rally.”  You can see the full story here.

Let’s Have a Lady Libertas Reality Check

One person’s insane actions, no matter what they believe does not define a movement.

That would be like me saying that the murdering Professor Amy Bishop who was also Obama-obsessed and a far left radical was an example of moonbats, progressives and everyone in the Obama Administration.  That because she espoused leftist beliefs, that everyone on the Left are somehow responsible for her murdering several people in cold blood and grinning about it later.  And Lady Libertas would never say that … would I?

All of a sudden, if we play by the MoonBat Media Rules, everyone in a particular political party or movement is tainted by the actions of one criminal.  And noone even KNOWS what Joseph Stack believes … this is all assumption by the Main Stream Media and the Lefty Loons.

Enough.  This is where the big difference of US vs. THEM comes in.  We believe in personal accountability and the blame game is a bit boring.

Let’s allow the FBI and Police do their jobs.  We should be thankful that it appears noone else was killed except the very disturbed Joseph Stack.

Don’t buy into the Liberal Lies – Refute Them.  This is pure Alinsky and pure Malice.

Lady Libertas is already bracing for mouth frothing reports from Chris Matthews and Rachel Madcow about how this proves that Tea Party is dangerous and racist.  And they can’t even claim that demonsheep made them do it!

But the One Question that Lady Libertas would like to ask is:  Who is Emily Walters and what does she have against the Tea Party that would make her form a Facebook Page with pictures and quotes reminiscent of Tea Party and then put it in Joseph Stack’s name? Yup.  Very Interesting indeed.

Once Again – Screenshot Courtesy of Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom – He Rocks!

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6 Responses to Liberal Spin on a Disaster – Left Claiming Joseph Stack is Tea Party Member

  1. Miss LadyLibertas,

    You are awesome! Not just good. Not great. But fricking awesome.

    I am so glad you are not some progressive bleeding heart non-armpit shaving liberal psycho. The Right is exactly where you belong.

    Long Live the Republic!

    Oh, and you have been added to Conservative Firestorm’s Most Dangerous Blog List. Oh yes. You have.

    • Donald – you are awesome too! LOL and I will reassure you that I am a Conservative make-em-bleed armpit-shaving rightwing Smart Girl. Have been my wholllllllllllle life.

      Long Live the Republic and with guys like you all over at Conservative Firestorm, we know the mettle of what usurpers are up against! WOOT!

      I am looking forward to blogging with you on Right Pundits and doing some swappy things with the blogs – Check out the post tomorrow – it is #FollowFriday – SMOOCHES to Donald and Conservative Firestorm! – got you linked as well!

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  3. Amazing that in the midst of such a horrific incident people are seeking to use it for political gain rather than looking for truth…well stated: Let the police and Feds do their job

    • Kimberly says:

      It is amazing – the letter was gut wrenching – he was obviously in an extreme amount of pain which does not excuse or justify his actions. But to troll all over his grave with their accusations was awful.
      Thanks for stopping in! Stay Warm

  4. Emily says:

    My facebook was never intended to portray Joseph Stack as a tea party member. It was intended to get different opinions on the incident. I was not seeking media attention. Thanks.

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