Lady Libertas gets the scoop from Common Sense Texans hosting Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates

Lady Libertas is giving three cheers for the Grassroots Alliance – Common Sense for Texans for their amazing work in hosting the Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates.  Lady Libertas was given the heads up from Greg Holloway, Board Member of Austin Tea Party Patriots and one of the Patriots spearheading the Virtual Debates.  Greg called me tonight as the videos were going up so Lady Libertas could share them with you!  The Texas primaries are occurring on March 2.

Greg explained the project to me:

The citizens of Texas have a great desire to have asked and answered questions presented from a grassroots perspective – not just from the view of journalists in televised debates.  This virtual debate occurred primarily due to a rush of emails from folks around the state in response to a Sunday afternoon request (through our Common Sense Texans network).  The people made this happen – no one else can take that credit from them.  There’s around 120,000 of them in the network, and they all vote.

Common Sense for Texans reached out to all of the candidates from both parties.  Candidates that chose to participate were:  Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Debra Medina (all of the Republican candidates) and, Democratic candidate, Bill White.  They are still hoping to add the other Democratic candidates before the primary.  Ten questions were selected from the members of Common Sense for Texans and each candidate was asked the questions and given the same approximate amount of time (2-3 min) to answer.  The videos are grouped according to question.  The videos listed on this post are the first three and I will post more tomorrow as they are available and finishing touches are made.  The Bill White video is also coming later as he participated at a different time than the other candidates.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Debra Medina

Incumbent Governor Rick Perry

Lady Libertas will be adding all of the videos as they are made available – What a Scoop!  🙂 but here are the first three!

Question #1.  Kerry W., Austin Tea Party Patriots:  “Do you plan to further reduce property taxes, so that we can own our land without the threat of losing it to the government because we can’t afford the tax burden?  Would you eliminate property taxes entirely?  Why or why not?”

Question #2.  Tammy B, Tyler Tea Party:  “Specifically – by major program categories – how much do you intend to reduce state spending?  If you say it can’t or shouldn’t be done, why not?”

Question #3.  Rebecca Forest, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas:  “To end the magnets that draw illegal aliens to Texas, many Texans support policies that end sanctuary cities and require all employers to use E-verify for all employees.   You made your views known on those items in your last debate. Many Texans also support requiring state agencies to report the costs of services provided to illegal aliens.  Do you agree?  In addition, tell us what other steps you believe need to be taken at the state level to protect our borders, families, and economy from illegal immigration.”

Lady Libertas is SO impressed with the hard work and production that went into making this happen.  Patriots in Texas are frequently at the forefront of wonderful ideas and the Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debate is one of them.  Greg is going to host a site for any group to follow suit and add Virtual Debates that they have hosted from their state.  Lady Libertas will be helping out with that website so stay tuned for those details!  Greg is also available through Austin Tea Party Patriots to advise any group that is looking to host a Virtual Debate.

Common Sense Texans – YOU ROCK!   And to the Candidates that participated – YOU ROCK!

Lady Libertas will personally make her pick for the primary in the next few posts – Can you guess who it is?

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