Jihadi Pigs are Flying over at Atlas Shrugs Compliments of Big Fur Hat

One of the most amazing experiences the past year for Lady Libertas has been meeting so many cool Patriots that reside under the banner of the Conservative Movement and Tea Party.  Lady Libertas would thank Obama for being the most polarizing President in United States history but the “thank” got caught in my throat and the kitties had to do the heimlich to restore normal breathing function.

Cool People.  So many of them that are doing so much for our country every single day.

One of the most talented that it has been my fortune to meet via an intro of OH SO COOL @cprater (See her blog at AppleCross Media) is Big Fur Hat.

Big Fur Hat has made Jihadi Pigs Fly over at the incredible & beautiful Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller.  Jihadi.  Pigs.  Fly.  Yup.

Where can you see more of this divine wit from the Big Brain of Big Fur Hat?  Check him out at www.iowntheworld.com and tell him Lady Libertas sent you!

Pamela has a great article on Atlas Shrugs “Pigs Flying Moment on Hannity: Moderate Islam Does Not Exist” about the interview on Hannity with Mosab Hassan Yousef, “son of the Hammas terrorist and MP, Sheikh Hassan Yousef  the most popular figure in that extremist Islamic organization.”

Hannity: We keep hearing about  that there is a distinction, the difference between radical Islam and mainstream Islam

Mosab Hassan Yousef: This is a big mistake. Comparing between moderate Muslims and  fanatics. This is not how we compare it.  All Muslims to me  are the same. At the end of the day they believe in thegod of the koran and they believe that  this koran is from that god.

Hannity: You’re saying that most Muslims think that jihad is where they need to go

Mosab Hassan Yousef: It’s not their choice. If they believe that the koran is from the word of god ………..

Hannity: So let me ask this again. So when people talk about moderate Islam, you’re saying it doesn’t exist?

Mosab Hassan Yousef: It doesn’t exist.

Aren’t they just the CUTEST?

So, Lady Libertas was wondering if the Jihadi Flying Pigs were also suicide bombers, should we call them Jihadi Flying Pig Bacon Bits?

You can also see the awesome image from Big Fur Hat that was hosted by the equally awesome Michelle Malkin last week on her article: Oba-Kabuki: A Box Office Bomb .

Stay Tuned for more of Big Fur Hat!  Where?  HERE!  Lady Libertas will be launching a new look and banner emerging from the Big Fur Hat by the end of the month!   WOOHOOO!

Please Remember Big Fur Hat and other Conservative business people as you are availing yourself of the Free Market.  We can choose who to do business with so let’s support Patriots!

Big Fur Hat may be contacted through Cheryl at AppleCross Media for project work.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

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