Lady Libertas Endorses Brian Reilly for US Congress (FL-20)

Lady Libertas is pleased to announce my ALL OUT ENDORSEMENT for Brian Reilly for US Congress in Florida District 20.

Readers of Lady Libertas will remember me mentioning Brian Reilly last summer when I met him at the Tea Party Rally in Fort Lauderdale on July 4. ( See original post here )

I was impressed with Brian then and, certainly, we need someone GREAT to beat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!

Brian fell off the radar for a few months and it even looked like he was not going to be running towards the end of the year.  Lady Libertas found out after Christmas that Brian lost both of his parents last year and had dropped out of the race.  Thankfully, Brian rallied and supporters from Florida District 20 reached out and asked him to re-enter the race.  And he did.  And Lady Libertas is thrilled!

Brian’s campaign is picking up steam and will be kicking off at the BREC on 3/22 in Fort Lauderdale.

Javier from the Shark Tank has done a wonderful interview with Brian.  Javier is THE Florida Political Commentator Extraordinaire at The Shark Tank which is also where you can find all the MARCO RUBIO updates as well.

Please check out Brian Reilly’s Interview on the Shark Tank and please stop in and donate to Brian – every $5 or $10 helps!

Brian is a successful Business man with businesses in his hometown in upstate New York and in Florida in District 20.

Brian is a real Conservative who has worked on Wall Street and returned to Main Street – he has met payrolls and created jobs.

Brian stands for Less Government, Low Taxes, Support of Israel and a strong defense against Terrorism.

Brian worked in New York on 9/11 and lost friends as the towers fell that horrible morning.

and did I mention that Brian’s Mom was a Reagan?  HA – Could he be the Reagan we need for Florida District 20?

Lady Libertas says YES!

Brian Reilly hits all the buttons for Lady Libertas – Please give him your support!

Stop in at the Shark Tank and leave some comments and hit that $10 Donate button on his site!

Let’s take the Pelosi/Obama-Bot that is Wasserman-Schultz OUT with a Real Conservative!

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5 Responses to Lady Libertas Endorses Brian Reilly for US Congress (FL-20)

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  2. Rose T says:

    Reilly has my vote I will pass this on…also where are the ladylibertas rallys held at and when??? I live in olmsted falls ohio

    • Kimberly says:

      Rose – YOU ROCK! Make sure you are following Brian on Twitter and Facebook – that would be awesome! He is great and I have no hesitation endorsing him! and I am a bit fussy LOL! I attend rallies wherever I am – I will be back in South Florida in mid-June!

  3. Merylee says:

    Here you are Lady!

    Have you met Brian Reilly? I just did.

    My opinion? You may be looking at the next Scott Brown. Man, he’s one nice package!


  4. Steve says:

    THANK YOU for posting this!

    I love your blog!!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

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