Who Are We, America?

Lady Libertas wants to know – WHO ARE WE, AMERICA?

What country did we wake up in this morning? Is Castro in the White House? Is Chavez head of the Secret Police? Will they be dragging Patriots out of their homes in the middle of the night?

Obama – “the Great Unifier” – has become the most ANTI-American President in the history of our country. He has disgraced the blood of the Founders with his lies and Socialist agenda.

Our Constitution and Rules of Government have become Inconvenient Truths to be Slaughtered by the Democratic Leadership.

Democrats and the White House have stooped to new lows in the payoffs, arm-twisting and degradation of the American People while they preserve the precious ego of the Traitor-In-Chief.

The Lives of the Unborn and our Seniors and those in between have become DE-values that Pelosi, Reid and Obama barter back and forth with.  Deals with the Devil have taken on new meaning.

Pelosi has deemed herself the New Consigliere to Obama and has blocked access this morning to OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS … she locked the doors to the American People yesterday.

The Black Caucus LIE in the face of video proof with their claims of racial slurs and spitting from Patriots and the media reports it as Truth.  More Alinsky tactics … More smears on the face of our great country. (see video proof here)

Terrorists are criminals and Tyrants are allies and the Democratic Leadership is setting up to compete with the Tyrants that they are buddies with in the Obama World …

But what Lady Libertas really wants to know is this – WHO ARE YOU?

In the face of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles – WHO ARE YOU? AND WILL YOU ALLOW THEM TO MAKE YOU FORGET?

I watched (sometimes in tears) yesterday, 50,000 Patriots surround the Capital and chant “Kill the Bill”. I saw pictures and live feeds – Pete Sessions was tweeting from the Rules Committee that all they could hear were the Voices of Americans chanting!

The CODE RED went out and Patriots jumped in cars and buses and on airplanes and trains to respond. Other Patriots gathered at the offices of their Elected Officials locally – sometimes in a blizzard (See Pics from @CSteven at Melissa Beam’s Office here).

The blogosphere and twitter and facebook have LIT UP with “KILL THE BILL” as Patriots get the message out and try to wake up our neighbors and friends.

Lady Libertas KNOWS who you are:  Freedom Loving, Constitutionalist Honoring, Revolutionary AMERICANS – Revolutionary because we will NOT GIVE UP.

LADY LIBERTAS KNOWS WHO YOU ARE – Do not let them take this away from us.

We will Forge On to the Next Battle and We Will Remember that the Healthcare Vote today is a battle and not the war.

We will not allow them to perpetuate the LIES that they are telling about healthcare.

We will not sit idly by as they twist the Rules of Government to force Tyranny on the American People.



“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.”  Thomas Paine

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6 Responses to Who Are We, America?

  1. DeanO says:

    I appreciated much this article. I greatly appreciated the pictures of America uniting in prayer. “REMEMBER WHO WE ARE – WE ARE AMERICA & WE ARE THE LAST VESTIGE OF LIBERTY. WE ARE THE PEOPLE.” I wonder, are the people waking up to “Fundamentally changing America” ??

  2. Dave K says:

    These people that seek to make us permanent government children that slave for their power hath awakened that what makes America so great our spirit, our grit.
    The productive of our society will not simply toil for those who will only feed at the trough.
    The productive will use their productivity against this attempted usurpation of our rightful power and cast out those that have betrayed our most precious of gifts, our liberty.
    This is what the people are doing in ever growing numbers in the tea party movement. We are just getting started, and those who think they can enslave us are not thinking very well at all!

  3. Dave says:

    I have linked your post as a related post for my new post inspired by your post and a book I am reading…confused?

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