Hey, Harry Reid – The Tea Party Express is coming to Searchlight

Lady Libertas is giving THREE THOUSAND CHEERS for the Great Patriots of the Tea Party Express and their sponsors! They are hosting a showdown at High Noon in Searchlight, Nevada (which happens to be Harry Reid’s hometown … and since Searchlight is no bigger than a second, wellllllll, looks like Harry will have thousands of Patriots camping out in his backyard!  Lady Libertas would pay BIG MONEY (you know, like what this healthcare bill is costing us) to see his face when he sees all those Americans 3 miles from his doorstep!

You can watch it here and you can bet that Lady Libertas will be watching!

As well, you can keep up with the Tea Party Express on a personal level by reading Chalice’s Blog – Chalice is the Senior Editor and one of founders of Patriots Heart Network so with all these ways to keep track – CHECK THEM OUT!

Lady Libertas will see YOU when you get to Provo on Tuesday!  YAY!

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