Inspiration for a Sunday

Lady Libertas figured that everyone needed a bit of a pick me up today – I surely did!

It has been a difficult week as the Democratic & Liberal machines combined with the Obama Way of Government launched new and multiple attacks on the American people and the Constitution.  Accusations and Lies have been the order of the week – but Lady Libertas shrugs and says – WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

The Mask has completely fallen from Obama.  They are now admitting what we have been saying for almost a year – They are Socialists and this is their agenda – To fundamentally CHANGE the United States of America.  Anyone who gets in their way – most especially the American people – will be dealt with summarily.

Lady Libertas is vaguely amused that the Leftist Loons & their Socialist values think it will be that easy to shut up the American People.


This video was sent to me on Twitter via @CSteven and was done by the folks at @Secularstupiddd

Hold the Line, Patriots – We have come too far to give up now!

SMOOCHES on a Sunday from Lady Libertas to all of you!

Also – Please also check the listings at the Tea Party Express to see if Liberty is Rolling into your town!

Chalice from Patriots Heart is traveling with the Tea Party Express & you can follow her tweets @CrystalChalice and her blog which will be updated as web & cell phone access occurs!  Lady Libertas is pitching in with the updates!

Chalice’s Blog – On the Road with the Tea Party Express

Some Inspiration for a Sunday from Lady Libertas – see you in the Twitterverse!  SPREAD LIBERTY!

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3 Responses to Inspiration for a Sunday

  1. Erica says:

    What an inspiration this has been, we will over come, we will be rise to the occassion and take our country back! The left are grasping for straws as “WE THE PEOPLE” will continue to act much like our forefathers and stay the course and will the war! Amen, God Bless America! ~APN~

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