Lady Libertas on Live Radio – Premier Show Tonight!

Lady Libertas is tickled Red, White and Blue to have my first blogtalk radio show TONIGHT on Patriots Heart Network!

Spread Liberty with Lady Libertas will be Live every Monday Night from 9p-11p eastern!

Tune in – Call in – Let Lady Libertas know what you think or just say HI in the chatroom!

My Special Guest tonight for my Premier Show is C. Steven Tucker – @CSteven for you Twitterphiles … Steve is a Healthcare Insurance Broker and is infamous for his Tyranny through Healthcare Reform posts that have gone viral on the internet.  Join us as Steve updates us on what the REAL IMPACT of the Healthcare Reform Act is and what it means for you.

C. Steven Tucker:

Insurance Broker & Subject Matter Expert for The Wall Street Journal & Fortune Magazine

Small Business Insurance Services Inc.

Tune in to Steve’s weekly Health Insurance program

Listen for Steve’s Radio Commercials weekdays on Chicago’s 560 AM WIND RADIO or listen now

“Google” sbisvcs for more info about Steve

Follow Steve on Twitter @CSteven

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