Lady Libertas sees the Tea Party Express in Provo, Utah

Lady Libertas was standing on the steps of the Provo Courthouse as the Tea Party Express rolled into Provo, Utah this morning to a crowd of hundreds cheering Americans.  We braved gusty winds and chilly temps to be  thoroughly entertained by all the wonderful folks on the Tea Party Express.

Lady Libertas attended with my kiddo – who got a free pass from school to go and celebrate Liberty – and we were joined by friends who were attending their very FIRST Tea Party!  And it was a great success from all around!

Lloyd Marcus has to be the best HUGGER in the Universe and with his smile and voice – we could not help but clap and sing along!  All of the Tea Party Express members are outstanding entertainers and Patriots – Mega KUDOS from Lady Libertas!

Lady Libertas had the pleasure of meeting two of the Senatorial candidates that are running to unseat  RINO Bob Bennett – Cherilyn Eager and Mike Lee.  I also had a wonderful chat with Joel Wright who is running for Utah County Commissioner.  Contact information was exchanged so STAY TUNED for interviews forthcoming from Utah at all levels!

Pictures can say it so much better so Lady Libertas offers you some scenes from our fantastic morning … KUDOS AND SMOOCHES FROM LADY LIBERTAS TO THE TEA PARTY EXPRESS!!!

Patriots in Provo, Utah

Patriots in Provo

Lloyd Marcus from the Tea Party Express - BEST Hugger in the Universe!

The Pledge of Allegiance

Our Future

Cherilyn Eager - Senatorial Candidate against RINO Bob Bennett

Cherilyn Eager for US Senate

Mike Lee for US Senate

Joel Wright for Utah County Commissioner


In Memory of Mark Alan Lee - Navy SEAL

There are SOOOO many more but here are some of my favorites – THANK YOU AGAIN TO THE TEA PARTY EXPRESS …

Lady Libertas wishes you Godspeed on Your Journey as You Spread Liberty throughout our Great Country!

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