Longing for the Good Old Days of the Cold War

Lady Libertas is a Cold War Kid and all these warm and fuzzies being proliferated by the Obama Administration make Lady Libertas long for the good ole days of the Cold War.  At least then the lines were very clearcut and we had Presidents that understood that Russia and Communists were no friend to the United States and never would be.

Obama was in Prague signing a new treaty with Medvedev which would reduce the respective nuclear arsenals to the lowest levels since the 1960’s.  Obama stood grinning with the Russian President as he once again threw the United States under the bus.

As unstable nations such as Iran and North Korea teeter on the brink of nuclear capability, Obama has seen fit to reinforce how weak he will make the United States under his regime.

Iran has yet to build a nuclear weapon. My administration will seek engagement with Iran based on mutual interests and mutual respect. We believe in dialogue.

Lady Libertas thought that he believed in consequences but apparently, the rhetoric and threats of Iran mean nothing to Obama, the Messiah.  Lady Libertas wishes that Obama would believe in that same mutual interest and respect for our at-one-time ally Israel.

Obama is entering a fourth round of sanctions with the United Nations against Iran.  Let’s just call it stall tactics that seem engineered to give Iran plenty of time to achieve their nuclear capability.  And Tehran’s response?  They have gone so far off the reservation that they interpret Obama’s warm fuzzies as threats and are planning to report the US to the UN.  In this upside down world, chances are the United States will end up with some kind of twisted sanctions versus Iran.

Netanyahu declined to come to the Nuclear Summit (cough snort) and, further encouraged by the US alienation of Israel, Iran keeps up the rhetoric against Israel:

Iran also warned on Tuesday that an Israeli attack on Iran nuclear facilities would backfire onto Israel. Mojtaba Zolnour, representative of Iran’s spiritual leader Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in the Revolutionary Guard, threatened, “The enemies know if they fire a missile toward Iran, Iranian missiles will be flying towards Tel Aviv even before the dust has settled.”

He also added that it is hard for the world to accept Iran’s progress, which has made Iran a superpower in the field of ballistics.  (from ynet news)

All of this nonsense makes Lady Libertas long for the good ole days of the Cold War.

The bad guys were easily defined and Ronald Reagan put it perfectly:

“We win, they lose.”

Obama just wants to be BFF’s.

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2 Responses to Longing for the Good Old Days of the Cold War

  1. Deb aka @jenevalynne says:

    That is one of the worst pics I have ever seen! they both look like wax dummies.
    need i say more.

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