Lady Libertas Talks about the Texas Social Studies Education Battle Tonight!

Lady Libertas is BACK from her crazy week of moving and just in time to be joined by Heather Liggett and Peggy Venable from the Texas Branch of the Americans for Prosperity TONIGHT.  We will be talking about the battle over the educational curriculum that is currently going on in the great state of Texas.

Heather Liggett is an organizer of the Austin Tea Party and an Activist on the forefront of the curriculum issue in Texas.  Heather is a stay at home mom of two children who refuses to allow the constitutional freedoms guaranteed to every American in our founding documents to be destroyed.  She became politically active 18 months ago and on July 4, 2009 Heather, Laurie Bartlett and Americans for Prosperity of Texas held the “Take Back America” rally at the Texas Capitol and had 8000 Texans brave the triple degree heat.  Since then Heather’s focus has been on the social studies curriculum hearings and being the organizer of Austin Tea Party.
Here is Heather’s testimony on American Exceptionalism that was later published.

Lady Libertas and Heather will also be joined by Peggy Venable – the Texas Director for Americans for Prosperity.  Peggy has a long, experienced history in politics and activism.  Peggy was White House liaison for three cabinet secretaries, including the US Department of the Interior and the Department of Education.  She has also served as a Senior staffer for the RNC and directed the Republican National Convention in 1984.

Lady Libertas is thrilled to be joined by two Conservative Activists par excellence and hopes you will be listening in as we discuss the educational curriculum in Texas.

Looking forward to catching up soon with everyone and back on Twitter!

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4 Responses to Lady Libertas Talks about the Texas Social Studies Education Battle Tonight!

  1. Marcia Wood says:

    Glad you’re back – you’re an awesome lady. Here is a blog I just completed that might interest you. Being from Arizona, last week was blogging on the illegal alien problem in our state. It’s beyond me how 34 % who are citizens, regardless of race have protested. This problem exists all over our country and needs to be stopped; I’m proud of our governor for stepping up to the bat. Napolitano had an ample amount of time to help us, but she opted not to… Anyway here’s my blog. Title is Obama – The President of Slice and Dice.

    Talk with you later… Little T-boca

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