One RINO Down – Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah Loses Republican Nomination

Lady Libertas gives three cheers for the Conservatives of Utah who joined together and sent a resounding “NO RINO” message to DC and to Senator Bob Bennett.

Lady Libertas had a delightful conversation with the front runner, Mike Lee, a few weeks ago.  Mike’s understanding and love of the Constitution certainly convinced Lady Libertas that he would be a natural choice to represent the great state of Utah in the Senate.

Hear Lady Libertas’ Interview with Senatorial candidate on April 19, Mike Lee, here

“I will fight every day as your U.S. senator for limited government, to end the cradle-to-grave entitlement mentality, for a balanced budget, to protect our flag, our borders and our national security and for bills that can be read before they receive a final vote in congress,” Lee said in his convention speech.

Senator Bob Bennett has been in the Senate since 1992 and has had a centrist voting record for many of the recent years.  Coming from a heavily Conservative state, it is obvious that Bob Bennett has lost touch with the concerns of his constituents and in advertising, has even stooped to outright lies.  Erick Erickson of Red State has been keeping close tabs on Senator Bob Bennett – listing the times that Bennett voted left of right and sometimes, very far left of right.

The Arrogance and Ignorance of Bob Bennett – from Red State – an advertisement where Bob Bennett touts supporting local approval for Fed land grabs in Utah but the reality is that he actually opposed the legislation.  Erickson at Red State lists out Bennett’s anti-Conservative voting record – Bob Bennett Must Go which combined with his support for TARP and the “Healthy Americans Act” make this a great day for Conservatives in Utah.

Wiping away tears, Bennett called the political atmosphere “toxic” and said it’s, “Clear some of the votes I’ve cast have added to that toxic environment, looking back with one or two minor exceptions, I wouldn’t cast any any differently, even if I knew it would cost me my career.”

Not even Mitt Romney could save Bennett from his own voting record which was a bit more than one or two toxic votes.  Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater advance to the next round of balloting in Utah – if neither of them receives 60% of the vote, there will be a primary on June 22.

KUDOS to the UTAH GOP Delegates – well done … and for all those who think that Conservatives are just the Party of NO for Liberals – heads up …. We Mean NO RINO’s too.

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