SCOTT BROWN (Victory!)

Scott Brown achieved VICTORY January 19, 2010!

Update January 4, 2009

Some more links!

Pundit Review – Scott Brown Takes Your Calls

Endorsement of Scott Brown by Massachusetts State Police

Brown Brigade Ning Site

Bobbi85710’s Blog – Scott Brown’s New Campaign Ad

Lenny Clark Comedian endorses Scott Brown – Video


January 3, 2009

Lady Libertas is CALLING OUT THE VOTE FOR 2010!

Revolution 2010 is being kicked off by the Special Election on JANUARY 19 in Massachusetts for the US Senate seat left vacant by Dead Ted.

Scott Brown is the Republican Candidate that is running against union-backed Martha Coakley, also Massachusetts AG.  Scott has been left (as soooo  many good Conservatives) to rely on grassroots support to get his message out.

WHERE IS THE GOP? Great Question.  Apparently, they lost their map to get out of the Big Tent.  Apparently, they do not remember their lack of action losing NY23 – No worries, GOP, we are keeping tabs and payday will come due.  But until then…

It is up to US.  Each and EVERY one of US.  Scott could be the 41st vote in the Senate to end the democratic filibuster reign of terror.  Scott Brown is vital not only to Massachusetts but to the entire country.

What does Scott need right now?  Money, of course, and exposure!  Coakley is taking heavy donations from the Dems and the Unions and estimates are that her coffers are at over $5million (give or take a few million that may be missing) with Scott at about $1.2 million.  Times are tough, but they may get tougher – if we all can send along something and donate some time to the phone banks or twitter or facebook or blogosphere – every little bit helps!

There is also a third party Libertarian Candidate, Joseph Kennedy (no relation), who is running. Debate is rampant about whether he will help or hinder Scott.  Could be that some Mass voters will see the name Kennedy and place the vote for him as reflex instead of Coakley.

Lady Libertas has provided extensive links – comment with any new links and I will update this as much as possible.  Get on Twitter and Facebook and SPREAD THE WORD!  Volunteer with the Brown Brigade!  Get the Vote Out!

This is the first battleground in Revolution 2010 and it is a big one. Think 41st Vote in the Senate.  Think of ending Dead Ted’s legacy in Massachusetts.  Think of SEIU Corruption & their support of Coakley.

There can be no other choice than a Vote for Scott Brown for US Senate in Massachusetts.

Who are you voting for?  Lady Libertas has pulled some salient points out but please read about Scott and why he is not just important as a 41st Vote but as an US Senator that we want to put on the Hill.

  • Scott has served three terms in Mass State House of Reps & is currently in his third term for the Mass State Senate
  • In the Massachusetts State Senate, Scott Brown has helped lead the fight against wasteful government spending and raising taxes
  • Scott Brown received the 2004 “Public Servant of the Year” Award from the United Chamber of Commerce, for his leadership in reforming the state’s sex offender laws and protecting the rights of victims.
  • Scott just celebrated his 30th Anniversary of serving in the National Guard
  • Scott Brown was honored by AmVets with the 2009 Pilgrim Award, for his longstanding dedication and work on behalf of veterans causes.
  • In 2007, Scott wrote the first-in the-nation law that sets up a check off box on State income tax forms to indicate if the filer is a veteran of the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) recognized Senator Brown as a “Guardian of Small Business,” for his work in creating and maintaining jobs in Massachusetts.

Lady Libertas says:  Rally Patriots!

Scott Brown for US Senate – Main Website

Donate to Scott Brown Today

Scott Brown on Facebook

Scott Brown on Twitter – a Blog covering all aspects of the race

Michelle Malkin: Fight the SEIU & Demcare Corruption: Support Scott Brown Where is the National GOP in the Massachusetts Special Election?

Boston Herald: GOP Lets Scott Brown Fend for Himself

Boston Globe: Romney Says Brown Can Make History

Boston Herald: John McCain backs Scott Brown

Patrick Ruffini’s Blog: Evidence Scott Brown is within single digits in Massachusetts

Redstate: Martha Coakley’s Oddly Obscure Cash On Hand Numbers

SEIU Endorsement of Martha Coakley

Martha Coakley was for partial birth abortions before she was against them

Gateway Pundit: Coakley goes on vacation 20 days before election

From Legal Insurrection: Martha Coakley’s Political House is on Fire

Riehl World View: Why is Coakley Hiding Out?

SISU Blog (Several good posts on Scott Brown)

Meet the Candidate Email Interview from October on


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