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Lady Libertas – The New Czar of NO

Lady Libertas has just posted on Right Pundits “Sorry Senator Reid, No Job Bill for You” and I have also been so inspired by that post to add yet another title to my repertoire. Heretoafter Lady Libertas will also be … Continue reading

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Obama – the Ethics of Untruth

POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. (from the Devil’s Dictionary) The entire school speech controversy and constant accusations of racism have made Lady Libertas examine her … Continue reading

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Czar Update…Obama’s Shadow Government

I have previously posted about Obama’s Czars and with much attention being focused recently on healthcare, I have not had a chance to go back and update and correct any information that has changed.  I had a comment on my … Continue reading

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When the Left Attacks…

What an amazing 24 hours.  The federal government has sicced it’s hackers and cronies on the American People and Conservatives everywhere. Here are the Conservative sites that have been hacked that we are aware of at the moment: American Liberty … Continue reading

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Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Senate?

On July 9, I posted a list of Obama’s Czars and coyly asked if this was his shadow Cabinet…well.  The list has grown and it seems that Obama is shooting for his own Shadow Senate since we are at 50+ … Continue reading

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New Censorship Czar to target Blogosphere

I have copied with attribution the following article from Project World Awareness – for all bloggers, please check it out.  It will impact us not only as bloggers but as Americans exercising our First Amendment rights.  Obama has now appointed … Continue reading

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Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Cabinet?

(This post has been updated in my new post: Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Government?) Define Czar:  “a person having great power”, “Title of the ruler of Russia. Taken from the word Caesar, which means emperor.”  To keep things interesting, … Continue reading

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