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Lefties, Trolls and Baiters…OH MY! Tea Party Express Boston w/ Pics

Lady Libertas had a Patriot on the ground in Boston at the Tea Party Express today who snapped some shots of the Lefties, Trolls and Baiters that will be coming out in force to meet the Tea Parties.  Lady Libertas … Continue reading

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Liberal Spin on a Disaster – Left Claiming Joseph Stack is Tea Party Member

Lady Libertas is once again completely flabbergasted by the machinations of the Left and how the Main Stream Media falls right in line with their lies. There was a horrible disaster today.  A man in Texas apparently had a psychotic … Continue reading

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When the Left Attacks…

What an amazing 24 hours.  The federal government has sicced it’s hackers and cronies on the American People and Conservatives everywhere. Here are the Conservative sites that have been hacked that we are aware of at the moment: American Liberty … Continue reading

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Communist Organization – Saul Alinsky & Rules for Radicals

Saul Alinsky’s infamous book “Rules for Radicals” has come to prominence as the method utilized by Barack Obama and the Left.  Obama – a Chicago community organizer, not only based his methodolgy on Alinksky but taught the method to others … Continue reading

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