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American Exceptionalism & Renewal

Lady Libertas would like to to take today, Easter Sunday and a Holy Week for the Jews to reflect on American Exceptionalism and what it means to us in the weeks and months ahead. There is no doubt that the … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Lady Libertas received this in an email today and thought I would share.  It is a great satire on the State of our Union. If Obama and our current Congress are allowed to continue promulgating a nanny state and supporting … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Sight of the Cause

Sebelius announced today that Obama and the liberals will consider taking the Public Option off the table.  While it could be an almost dizzying small victory, we must not lose sight of the cause.  As  Thomas Paine said: It is … Continue reading

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Communist Organization – Saul Alinsky & Rules for Radicals

Saul Alinsky’s infamous book “Rules for Radicals” has come to prominence as the method utilized by Barack Obama and the Left.  Obama – a Chicago community organizer, not only based his methodolgy on Alinksky but taught the method to others … Continue reading

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distracted by the pretty, shiny blogosphere &

I meant to do a good post this evening.  I did.  really.  but you know how it is…One thing leads to another and I start blog surfing and looking at tea party pics and realize that POOF the evening is … Continue reading

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