Lady Libertas Talks about the Texas Social Studies Education Battle Tonight!

Lady Libertas is BACK from her crazy week of moving and just in time to be joined by Heather Liggett and Peggy Venable from the Texas Branch of the Americans for Prosperity TONIGHT.  We will be talking about the battle over the educational curriculum that is currently going on in the great state of Texas.

Heather Liggett is an organizer of the Austin Tea Party and an Activist on the forefront of the curriculum issue in Texas.  Heather is a stay at home mom of two children who refuses to allow the constitutional freedoms guaranteed to every American in our founding documents to be destroyed.  She became politically active 18 months ago and on July 4, 2009 Heather, Laurie Bartlett and Americans for Prosperity of Texas held the “Take Back America” rally at the Texas Capitol and had 8000 Texans brave the triple degree heat.  Since then Heather’s focus has been on the social studies curriculum hearings and being the organizer of Austin Tea Party.
Here is Heather’s testimony on American Exceptionalism that was later published.

Lady Libertas and Heather will also be joined by Peggy Venable – the Texas Director for Americans for Prosperity.  Peggy has a long, experienced history in politics and activism.  Peggy was White House liaison for three cabinet secretaries, including the US Department of the Interior and the Department of Education.  She has also served as a Senior staffer for the RNC and directed the Republican National Convention in 1984.

Lady Libertas is thrilled to be joined by two Conservative Activists par excellence and hopes you will be listening in as we discuss the educational curriculum in Texas.

Looking forward to catching up soon with everyone and back on Twitter!

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Lefties, Trolls and Baiters…OH MY! Tea Party Express Boston w/ Pics

Lady Libertas had a Patriot on the ground in Boston at the Tea Party Express today who snapped some shots of the Lefties, Trolls and Baiters that will be coming out in force to meet the Tea Parties.  Lady Libertas can only hope that paying all of these baiters sucks plenty of money out of the OFA War Chest – they must be so proud to be serving the Obama Administration by waging war on Americans across this country.

Various posts in the blogosphere and development of new websites like in the past few weeks have alerted us that the Left is getting ready to take things to the next level to make Tea Parties and attendees look bad and feed the bias of the Mainstream Media.  The developer behind has been exposed a middle school teacher – see below for further information.

In typical Alinsky fashion, the Left figure that if racism and violence do not exist, then they will create it.  Be Warned, Patriots – these lefties, trolls and baiters are looking to incite reactions from all of us, whether emotional, verbal or physical.

Lady Libertas has some photos from the Boston stop on the Tea Party Express today and a sneak peek into the Left Agenda for tomorrow … We must be aware, calm and take lots and lots of photos.  We cannot take the Bait … Let them be exposed for the Trolls that they are!

Lady Libertas will have Patriots from all over the country calling on Monday on Truth & Liberty for the radio show.  If you would like to be included – let me know!

Lady Libertas Salutes Everyone for Tax Day Tea Party 2010 that are out in body and spirit to support our country!

"I Love Abortions - They Are Fun" - Must be Making Some Mom Proud Somewhere in LibLand

GEE - I wonder what side he is on ...*EYE ROLL*

Infiltrators from the Left

Make Infiltrator Signs with Arrows and Stand Next to Them!

Tomorrow is a big day and Lady Libertas has faith in the amazing patriots across this country.

Hold the Line.  We have come so far and we cannot give it up to moonbat baits!

Further Information on the owner of the Website –

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Truth & Liberty w/ Lady Libertas on Blogtalk Radio Tonight!

Truth & Liberty with Lady Libertas 9pm eastern to 11pm eastern

Lady Libertas is being joined by special guests tonight: Christine Brim from the CAIR Observatory – A Watchdog group for the financials of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The Cair Observatory is a Project of the Center for Security Policy.

Bio on Christine Brim:
Ms. Brim continues her work as executive director for the Victory Coalition Fund, an incubator for new projects working against Islamism. Before joining the Center, Ms. Brim was a senior associate at the Lexington Institute and the Center for Vigilant Freedom. She recieved her MBA from George Mason University.

Lady Libertas will also be joined by Corey Poitier who is running for US Congress in Florida District 17!

Please follow Corey on Twitter @Corey4Congress

More Info from CAIR Observatory:

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Longing for the Good Old Days of the Cold War

Lady Libertas is a Cold War Kid and all these warm and fuzzies being proliferated by the Obama Administration make Lady Libertas long for the good ole days of the Cold War.  At least then the lines were very clearcut and we had Presidents that understood that Russia and Communists were no friend to the United States and never would be.

Obama was in Prague signing a new treaty with Medvedev which would reduce the respective nuclear arsenals to the lowest levels since the 1960’s.  Obama stood grinning with the Russian President as he once again threw the United States under the bus.

As unstable nations such as Iran and North Korea teeter on the brink of nuclear capability, Obama has seen fit to reinforce how weak he will make the United States under his regime.

Iran has yet to build a nuclear weapon. My administration will seek engagement with Iran based on mutual interests and mutual respect. We believe in dialogue.

Lady Libertas thought that he believed in consequences but apparently, the rhetoric and threats of Iran mean nothing to Obama, the Messiah.  Lady Libertas wishes that Obama would believe in that same mutual interest and respect for our at-one-time ally Israel.

Obama is entering a fourth round of sanctions with the United Nations against Iran.  Let’s just call it stall tactics that seem engineered to give Iran plenty of time to achieve their nuclear capability.  And Tehran’s response?  They have gone so far off the reservation that they interpret Obama’s warm fuzzies as threats and are planning to report the US to the UN.  In this upside down world, chances are the United States will end up with some kind of twisted sanctions versus Iran.

Netanyahu declined to come to the Nuclear Summit (cough snort) and, further encouraged by the US alienation of Israel, Iran keeps up the rhetoric against Israel:

Iran also warned on Tuesday that an Israeli attack on Iran nuclear facilities would backfire onto Israel. Mojtaba Zolnour, representative of Iran’s spiritual leader Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in the Revolutionary Guard, threatened, “The enemies know if they fire a missile toward Iran, Iranian missiles will be flying towards Tel Aviv even before the dust has settled.”

He also added that it is hard for the world to accept Iran’s progress, which has made Iran a superpower in the field of ballistics.  (from ynet news)

All of this nonsense makes Lady Libertas long for the good ole days of the Cold War.

The bad guys were easily defined and Ronald Reagan put it perfectly:

“We win, they lose.”

Obama just wants to be BFF’s.

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Lady Libertas on the Radio Tonight Speaking to Liz Carter for Congress

Please Join Lady Libertas this evening with Special Guest: Liz Carter for Congress – GA-4!

Tune in – Call in – Let Lady Libertas know what you think or just say HI in the chatroom!

We will be discussing Liz’s campaign, women in politics and, of course, the threat of Guam Tipping Over!  See Lady Libertas’ Interview with Liz here

9p-11pm eastern times!

UPDATE FOR TONIGHT!  Brian Reilly for Congress will be calling in at 1030pm to update us on how the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Townhall went in Fort Lauderdale!

Next Monday, we will be talking to Christine Brim – COO of the Center of Security Policy and the CAIR Observatory!

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American Exceptionalism & Renewal

Lady Libertas would like to to take today, Easter Sunday and a Holy Week for the Jews to reflect on American Exceptionalism and what it means to us in the weeks and months ahead.

There is no doubt that the past year has been a long one and alot of work.  The American People – tired of the expansion of overreach of the Federal Government with bailouts and policies causing taxpayer fatigue – came together in the past year under the Tea Party and other Conservative Activist banners like 912.

“Taxed Enough Already” is the modern day emanation of “Taxation with Representation”.  We are Americans first – we want limited government, lower taxes and the freedom of opportunity.  We like to wave flags, remember our Heritage as a Nation and honor Our Founders.

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Lady Libertas speaks with Liz Carter for US Congress Georgia District 4

Lady Libertas had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Carter for US Congress from Georgia District 4 on Monday.  Liz Carter is an amazing Conservative woman and candidate who will be a strong advocate for her district, Americans and the Constitution when she defeats Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson in November – and Lady Libertas has no doubt that Liz will retake that seat in the revolution to Take America Back in November 2010.

Lady Libertas was introduced to Liz via her Chief of Staff Cheryl Prater (@cprater & @applecrossmedia) and after hearing such wonderful things about Liz – Lady Libertas can confirm that they are all true.

Liz Carter for Congress receives a resounding Lady Libertas Endorsement as THE Conservative Candidate for Georgia District 4.

Allow me to share some of our chat…

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