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America Rising – Day 3 of Revolution 2010

This was posted by one of my FAVORITE Tweeps today – @lizblaine – add her immediately for some of the Best Conservative Tweets on Twitter!  Liz’s Blog is “Liz Blaine” to go perfectly with your morning coffee! Lady Libertas could … Continue reading

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We are not buying what you are selling, Obama.

At heart, I am a bit mushy.  I can wax poetic about the American Spirit and We the People and all that good mushy stuff.  And I believe it.  To see evidence of it, just warms my mushy little heart … Continue reading

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Libs to American People: Do as We Say & Not as We Do

One day my head will explode.  Hopefully, I will have my current insurance and not Obamacare when that occurs. The Culture of Apathy in the USA has extended too far.  Our elected officials take advantage of the hard work and … Continue reading

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