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Tonight with Lady Libertas Live – All Florida – All Night!

Truth & Liberty with Lady Libertas It is a Florida Night on Lady Libertas! Tonight, Lady Libertas will be joined by Javier from the infamous Florida Blog – The Shark Tank. We will be talking about District 20 in Florida, … Continue reading

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Truth & Liberty w/ Lady Libertas on Blogtalk Radio Tonight!

Truth & Liberty with Lady Libertas 9pm eastern to 11pm eastern Lady Libertas is being joined by special guests tonight: Christine Brim from the CAIR Observatory – A Watchdog group for the financials of the Council on American Islamic Relations. … Continue reading

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Lady Libertas on Fan the Fire tonight with Brian Reilly

Show Time: 9:00 to 1100pm EST Join us tonight as talk about the Health Scare Bill, “Demon Pass” and the Congress Critters and Senate Snakes trying to go against the will of We The People. We will be joined by … Continue reading

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Lady Libertas Endorses Brian Reilly for US Congress (FL-20)

Lady Libertas is pleased to announce my ALL OUT ENDORSEMENT for Brian Reilly for US Congress in Florida District 20. Readers of Lady Libertas will remember me mentioning Brian Reilly last summer when I met him at the Tea Party … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Wishes from Lady Libertas

Christmas has always been a magickal time of the year for me.  It meant lots of family gatherings, yearly repeats of favorite traditions and, of course, Santa Claus!  The sights and sounds of Christmas are the best; the carols, the … Continue reading

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My day with moveon.org & healthcare reform – a whole new level of crazy

I have never attended a moveon.org meeting or received their literature – I have had enough conversations with their followers to know that it is not the place for me.  This week, however, I received a call out from the … Continue reading

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distracted by the pretty, shiny blogosphere &

I meant to do a good post this evening.  I did.  really.  but you know how it is…One thing leads to another and I start blog surfing and looking at tea party pics and realize that POOF the evening is … Continue reading

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