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Twas the Night Before Christmas adapted by Lady Libertas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the House all the Senators were voting, as forced by the Louse; The amendments were snuck in the bill to ensnare, In hopes that Americans would not even care; The Congress were … Continue reading

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Chairman Mao, Mother Teresa & how Anita Dunn was Beck’d

Someone should have been scanning the job boards as Barack Obama was putting his staff together – Lady Libertas imagines that they would have seen something like this: “Wanted – Vibrant and Enthusiastic Hope & Change Radicals Needed!  Is Chairman … Continue reading

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When the Left Attacks…

What an amazing 24 hours.  The federal government has sicced it’s hackers and cronies on the American People and Conservatives everywhere. Here are the Conservative sites that have been hacked that we are aware of at the moment: American Liberty … Continue reading

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