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Candidates that will REPEAL

In the aftershocks, Lady Libertas is asking for YOUR help.  Let’s get the list going of our favorite candidates and elected officials that have promised to REPEAL THE BILL … because that is our focus! Lady Libertas would like to … Continue reading

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November 2010 – The People’s Mandate

Lady Libertas wants to send the BIGGEST SMOOCH out to all of the Patriots.  To each and every one of you who have worked SO hard this past year.  And we must remember: The Passage of the Senate Healthcare bill … Continue reading

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Statement from Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Healthcare Passage

Lady Libertas received this Press Release – I am gathering my thoughts for my own response… McConnell Statement on House Passage of Partisan Health Spending Bill: ‘Senate Republicans will now do everything in our power to replace the massive tax … Continue reading

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The Value of American Life & The End Game of Healthcare

Lady Libertas would like to talk about the Value of American Life today.  Lady Libertas wants each and every one of you to take a long hard look at your children today.  Your spouse.  Your parents.  Your siblings.  Your grandchildren.  … Continue reading

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Eric Massa Slams Dem Leadership in Radio Interview (Transcript)

Lady Libertas is adding the transcript from the Eric Massa Radio Interview.  It is a bit jaw dropping and since his Chief of Staff has released that he will indeed be resigning today as scheduled and that they are currently … Continue reading

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Scott Brown & #41stVote – The People’s Tweets

Scott Brown was definitely the Massachusetts Miracle.  As the dust settles, Lady Libertas has been interested to see not only the reaction to the Brown victory but also the analysis of the Brown victory.  Many components came together in this … Continue reading

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