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Life or Death – How the Fed is running Healthcare now

There has been an enormous amount of information flying around about healthcare and healthcare reform but as we separate the Hopium from fact, let’s take a look at how the government is currently handling healthcare.  The answers are there for … Continue reading

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The BOOS just may have it!

Not even the villified Bush has gotten the reception that Obama’s minions are receiving in town halls and protests across this country.  Words cannot communicate properly so I am including some awesome video clips from Patriots standing up for their … Continue reading

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We are not buying what you are selling, Obama.

At heart, I am a bit mushy.  I can wax poetic about the American Spirit and We the People and all that good mushy stuff.  And I believe it.  To see evidence of it, just warms my mushy little heart … Continue reading

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Save Our Country Now summarizing HCare Reform Bill

A big Lady Libertas Salute and please check this out – the crew at Save Our Country Now is summarizing and uploading the notes on the Healthcare Reform Bill for everyone to view – Obama has called for progressive bloggers … Continue reading

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First 300 pages of HealthScare Reform Bill Summarized

I received this email this evening from a Fellow Twitterer who has a friend that has undertaken the monumental task of summarizing the Healthcare Reform Bill that Obama and Libs are trying to slam through Congress in the next two … Continue reading

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