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Czar Update…Obama’s Shadow Government

I have previously posted about Obama’s Czars and with much attention being focused recently on healthcare, I have not had a chance to go back and update and correct any information that has changed.  I had a comment on my … Continue reading

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Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Senate?

On July 9, I posted a list of Obama’s Czars and coyly asked if this was his shadow Cabinet…well.  The list has grown and it seems that Obama is shooting for his own Shadow Senate since we are at 50+ … Continue reading

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Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Cabinet?

(This post has been updated in my new post: Obama’s Czars – his Shadow Government?) Define Czar:  “a person having great power”, “Title of the ruler of Russia. Taken from the word Caesar, which means emperor.”  To keep things interesting, … Continue reading

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