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Happy First Anniversary Tea Party from Lady Libertas!

Lady Libertas Salutes the Tea Party on the One Year Anniversary of the Silent Majority Awakening & heading to the front lines! It has been an incredible year and we have only just begun! Revolution 2010 is here and Tea … Continue reading

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Lady Libertas gets the scoop from Common Sense Texans hosting Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates

Lady Libertas is giving three cheers for the Grassroots Alliance – Common Sense for Texans for their amazing work in hosting the Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates.  Lady Libertas was given the heads up from Greg Holloway, Board Member of Austin … Continue reading

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Scott Brown & #41stVote – The People’s Tweets

Scott Brown was definitely the Massachusetts Miracle.  As the dust settles, Lady Libertas has been interested to see not only the reaction to the Brown victory but also the analysis of the Brown victory.  Many components came together in this … Continue reading

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A Conservative Reality Check from Lady Libertas

The major  mistake that Liberals and Democrats have made about the Tea Party Movement is that Conservatives are all Republicans and avid George W. Bush supporters.  The truth is that the Tea Party Movement is comprised of individuals from all … Continue reading

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Tea Party March on DC on 9/12/09

The Silent Majority is silent no more and it arrived in DC on September 12, 2009!  Lady Libertas monitored the activity from her underground bunker (aka the living room couch) and twitter. My heart swelled with pride to see the … Continue reading

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The BOOS just may have it!

Not even the villified Bush has gotten the reception that Obama’s minions are receiving in town halls and protests across this country.  Words cannot communicate properly so I am including some awesome video clips from Patriots standing up for their … Continue reading

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My day with moveon.org & healthcare reform – a whole new level of crazy

I have never attended a moveon.org meeting or received their literature – I have had enough conversations with their followers to know that it is not the place for me.  This week, however, I received a call out from the … Continue reading

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